Stick missing; please help

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Stick_Liberation_Front, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Gentlemen

    Distressed to hear that a stick has been captured and is being held for ransom. Or for caning purposes, not sure.

    Has anyone seen any sticks lately, or has anyone heard anybody talking about hostage sticks?
  2. Any chance of a description?
  3. Well, kind of stick shaped, really.
  4. Is it brown and sticky? I think I saw one being carried off by a dog in the woods.
  5. I think my dog had it earlier.
  6. Oh my God; was the dog big?

    Then again, it could have been a stick rescue dog, returning a stick to the land of its ancestors...
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    This bollocks better be leading to something good.

    Otherwise, I fear this thread may come to a sticky end. (Oh FFS, I'm at it now)
  8. Can you post a photograph?

    If I can coppice a look at it, I wood be able to confirm.

    if it's been taken hostage by exTree-mists, it may well have pegged it by now.
  9. Give the boy a chance.

    At least he doesn't ride a moped.

    And if that comment upsets you remember...

    Sticks and stones will blah blah...
  10. We got your comrade, he would not leaf so we get to root of problem by branching out.

    Stick safe, for now, do as we say or stick get debarked.
  11. :clap: :clap:

  12. I've just had a hostage note delivered, with photo; will turn note over to the Monkeys, will try to post pic shortly.

    Looks grim for the Stick, the perps are armed and dangerous...
  13. There's your culprit! It was THEM!

    I'm sorry, but you'll never get it back. Even now it is probably growing a bandito 'tache and being briefed up for an attack on a PIRA ASU at a Gibraltar petrol station. It will never be the same (the trauma, you see). It could even be the one I used to terrorise recruits in the late '80's- they wrote "CPL AUSCAM'S SCROTOID BASHER" on it and gave it to me as a goodbye present.

    It's had a rough start in life. It needs help, not punishment, poor thing.
  14. That was a bit wooden.