Stick Man

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Rudie, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Do units still carry on the tradition of having a "Stick Man" during guard mount?

    If memory serves me correctly,13 men would mount a guard parade dressed in No2s. The B.O.S/B.O.O would chose the best turned out soldier to be the RSM's runner for the day and he would remain in No2s and carry a black cane around for the rest of the day. He would also have 24 hours off as well as the 48 hours off the rest of the guard were receiving.

    The only time I managed to get "Stick Man" was when the BOS shouted "Stick Man will be No 3 in the rear rank!"


    "Stick Man will be No3 in the rear rank!"


    "F uck it" I'll do it, and I stepped foward.

    And a very realaxing day was had with the RSM. :D
  2. I can't vouch for these days as the last time I mounted the guard I used Latin for the commands, but the last time I saw the guard mounted, the "Stick Man" was released from duty!

  3. Yes, same here last time I saw stick man he was released from duty oh happy day's, it was me and it was years ago.
  4. Yup. That was the drill in my day. Stick man was excused and stood down. Invariably a married pad got it much to the blokes annoyance !
  5. Yeah, the missus was always better at ironing than anyone else!


  6. Yes she was. And bulling. Plus the lad got an ear bashing if her left her unattended for the night so he was well motivated !
  7. I remember similar happening at the guard room, does stick man have any association with Old Soldier on Public Duties?

    Ive played both rolls, a 19 year old OLD SOLDIER picked at random because we didnt have any, I was ripped to shreds by the guardsman going off duty. 21 years served and still a pte.
  8. Same as the others; Stickman was stood-down but it counted as a 'duty' on any duty rota.

    This next bit is something that I don't recognise......

    I don't ever remember the Guard being given any time off after their Guard Duty (unless it was a weekend). It was straight off to the cookhouse for breakfast for the blokes, off to the RSM with the Guard Report (including Stag-sheets) and Occurrence Book for the Guard Commander, then all off to normal work.
  9. My Regimental policy was the Stick Man stood down but had to remain in camp and sober in case of illness or other need for guard replacment.
  10. Same here, with work as normal the next day. 48hrs off :eek: , I dunno, youngsters these days.... :wink:
  11. That's how i remember it too, i once got stick man when i was REME attached to the Arty.

    As normal, REME boots do not shine to the standard of Arty boots due to oil and diesel ingress!

    OO-"Are they your best boots Cfn ASS?"

    Cfn ASS- "Yes sir, the best of the two, these are my diesel boots"

    OO "Diesel boots??"

    Cfn ASS- "Yes sir, Diesel do!"

    Cue OO and ROS giggling and seeing the funny side and i got stick man!!
  12. Leconsfield used to have a stickman in the 92-93 when I was there
  13. Redford Barracks,Edinburgh,late 80's/early 90's. There would be a duty company for a month - camp guard,Edinburgh Castle guard,HQ Scotland guard at Crazyhall and escorts. All of these would be 48 hours on and 48 hours off unless training/operational comitments dictated otherwise.
  14. Here's a stickman at my current unit (RLC)

  15. Stick Orderly was a sleeping duty in my first unit. He had to stay on camp and sober and the poor sod was restricted to his billet between NAAFI closing and Reveille next day unless called out. He was a reserve for the Guard and on call for the Orderly Officer to run errands off camp if needed.

    Still, it was a better duty than prowler on a pisswet winter night.