Stick Guns - Is this Walting?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chrisg46, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Couldnt decide if this is best in the Walt thread, or the Internet links thread, so will let someone else make the decision.

    Stick Guns
  2. Walting or not, that's genius :D
  3. wicked sence of humour, i love it lol.
  4. It's not walting but a taste of things to come when Gordon reveals his new defence budget plans.
  5. now to save this ending up in links thread, try not and give one line answers, but give us your stories that are as funny as the video
  6. I'm 53 and as a young boy we were always making stick guns- and swords or spears.

    As we got older it was water pistols/ cap guns/spud guns/Sekiden pistols then on via Gats and Diana or Webley air pistols to the Air Rifle!

    Today watching small children pick up a stick and go Bang Bang makes me realise somethings never change!
  7. sounds good to me:

    you're never going to run out of rounds,
    you'll never gat a bit of 2 by 4 stuck in the barrel,
    you can make up your own score on the apwt,
    you'll never need a bfa,

    and you'll never need to worry about getting the gas plug spotless...
  8. Ah so you have seen my local ACF on excersise then :D

    An excellent video, and it did bring back some memories.
    You never had to worry about magazine changes or anything with a stick gun.
    I do remember one time, during a sticky conflict in my local woods, the injuns/zulus (cant remember the specific enemy but they were 'baddies')
    had besieged our base (basically a hole in the ground) and a bayonet charge was in order to see off the baddies.
    It was a true tale of derring do, and much hand to hand fighting was involved, there were splinters everywhere.
    The enemy was given a good shoeing and we retired for the day back to a friends house for tea and medals (read panda pop and digestive biscuits)
    The parents were none too impressed however as it turned out one lad had two broken fingers, another had a broken nose and i had a really bad grazed knee that I thought may possibly need surgery or worse, an amputation of my leg alltogether.

    Ah happy days :D
  9. jesus...get instead of gat....should of previewed it...maybe a should stick to mlaaring...
  10. Love it exactly what I done as a kid like the bit were he mentioned the ACF was too disciplined and a step away from being called up .Must have seen the next white paper on defence :x . Shame really as if the development of the green belt and political correctness keeps marching on then the only way kids will get to play solider/cowboys and Indians etc will be behind a computer as it would be seen to be right wing/fascist
  11. That was mint.

    Anyone else note that the car scene is supposed to be a glider realease?

    Following a tractor, then the tractor bears off, the tone changes slightly, more intesnse
  12. Brilliant, memories flooding back.

    Should be used as the next recruiting advert.
  13. :D Quality video, the only thing missing was "Tick you're alive"!

    PMSL at the 84 drills!

    There was a comment on his profile

    Ah, the good old days, when your Mum and Dad didn't go into a flat spin if you were ten minutes late home! Me and my mates used to roam for miles, home made assault course a la Krypton Factor complete with rope swing over muddy stream! :D
  14. My weapon recognition skills are a little rusty.

    Was that an MG 34 or MG 42 the Jerries were using?

    Surprised to see no stick grenades though from the Bosche.
  15. Not seen the video yet - as the facist firewall at my place of work has websensed it!!

    but i do a bit of a story

    During my Det commanders course in January 1991, in the run up to Op Granby, there was little or no blanks and only one or 2 thunder flashes.

    the course veered along with lots of shouts of bang bang etc and we came to the covering open ground and throwing a grenade scenario, but there were no grenades, and worse still no thunder flashes.

    so each section had to scour catterick training area for potato sized stones and launch these at the pretend enemy, took me back to being a kid, so as i launched mine i shouted large stone.

    this was quickly followed by me jogging around the training area with my Real Weapon above my head, a stick one would have been better!!

    i also think this episode helped in my getting a F in the course.

    fun times though.