STG 44: Its secret life after WW2

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BashaBasher, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. You obviously haven't been in Baghdad recently! STG 44s were also used extensively in the Middle East and they quite often end up in weapons trawls in Iraq.
  2. Furthermore, I have seen pictures of an StG44 clone made by CITEFA (the Argentine Defence R&D Agency) in the 1950's... not sure if made by reverse engineering or some German boughgt his visa with the blueprints...then Peron was kicked out (1955) and the project was shelved (we ended up with FN FALs in 1960's, the Marines had already been using M-1 Garands and FN49s since 1950, but the Army had to do with M1909 Mausers until the FAL was adopted)
    An interesting "what if" if you ask me...
  3. still a blo--y good weapon which the russians blattenly copied in making the ak 47...too few too late for the germans -luckly for us.
  4. Thus spake someone who has clearly never seen inside either weapon...
  5. Also seen in Bosnia & Kosova
  6. I remember seeing to versions of the MG42, One with the Nazi markings and one with Yugo markings. Mind you this was a platoon made up with "Anything goes bang and your in mate" All kinds of weapons, some of them looked as if the hadn't been through a inspection for a while :oops:
  7. my son serving in the bundersqueer told me that the mg3s they used in training were all stamped 42..including waffenamt marks-just the 42 was restamped...the barrel containers.straps and most of the spare parts were also--vintage..ww2-the stuffs out there you just got to look-and yes i have seen inside aks and 44s -used to own both once-long ago...
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If anyone comes across an MP43/MP44/StG44, please nick the magazines & accys (including everything in the butt trap,) and contact me.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    If that's true you'd realise just how ridiculous your previous post was.
  10. there was a few 'de-militarised' (thats made semi-only) and sold off on the NZ market in the late '80s.
    wish i had grabbed on one.
  11. -Unfortunately too late, We had 2 stamped stg44's(no idea who Mfr them) , one missing the front sight hood at our palace, the Longtabbers took them for "Research" :x . We had Brens, Stens, P-14's No.4's, SMLE's, Ppsh-41's,K98's, G98's,a Gold Plated M1Thompson, half dozen Lever action Winchester yellowboy clones(No Idea why Uday had them), assorted SKS, all left to the new IA when we left.
  12. When i was in the Banja Luka Metal Factory in 04, for 2 days i was given the keys to the 3 ISO containers containing the weapons that were seized from local "farmers" etc. Apart from brand new MP5's (they were shipped back to UK :roll: ) there were some 44's in there as well. Rusting away admittedly but still interesting to look at.
  13. I can vouch for that, were they the ones you sent via 'The Royal Mail'? You're nicked son! 8O
  14. yep taken by a few twaaaats who have now forced guns underground into criminal hands in the uk...another good reason not to live in the uk.
    they destroyed my whole collection.......for what.