Steyn for Conservative Leader

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. So who cares what nationality he is? He articulates the wishes and feelings of far more people in the the country than the purse-mouthed, joylessly brainscrubbed politically sound clones of Blair, and the junior Majors.

    Every article he publishes has the clang of enormous good sense. He should immediately stand for the position (who cares, again, that he isn't in the Parliamentary party?). Boris Johnson can make his tea on the campaign bus.
  2. Good show! Seconded. Hurrah for Steyn!
  3. Scoolboy error, Whiskybreath!

    Y'see, Steyn couldn't possibly be a candidate for the Conservative party leadership by virtue of the fact that he's a Conservative.

    Dave's New Model Army will be Neu Arbeit Mk. II: Statist, re-distributionist, "inclusive" (OK, yah, we've got, like three members of the shadow cabinet who don't live in W11!), spin-obsessed and generally the Lib Dems with blue rosettes.

    Let's see how long the praetorians around "Dave" can keep the skeletons that seem to keep falling out of the closet gaffer-taped in.

    Anyway, Steyn is a Conservative in an old-skool Libertarian, living-in-the-hills-with-a-hunting-rifle kind of way. Modern Tories would poo themselves.

  4. Not quite all, Veg. I know one of the Conservative front benchers. Your 'living in the hills with a hunting rifle' is an uncannily accurate description :)
  5. Excellent suggestion.

    For his first major engagement he could open that new 40000-capacity mosque in time for the Olympic Games!