Stewert Carr

Just a note to mark the passing of another ex-army technician aged 64 in the Philipines. How he ever made 34 was a miracle with a drinking and smoking lifestyle that made me wince.
Anyone who has met him might not remember the face but would remember the unique stataco laugh.
"The only thing reliable about Stewart was that he was totally unreliable". quoth a close friend.
A little harsh you might think but at his memorial service last week his son told a story of being sent as an unaccompanied child (12) to visit his dad in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Aviation). On not being met an the airport he managed to get a taxi out to the the accomadation where he found dad propping up the bar. "You made it then "" was his only comment!!!

He had a larger than life career fixing helicopters for Bristow and many others in the Far and Middle East, Africa and Europe.
I met him in the early 80's when he was working for Bond as a shift supervisor in the UK.
I for one will miss him as the world will have a little less colour in it.

Bye Stewert.


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