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Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by pitmans, May 14, 2012.

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  1. We are currently on the lookout for Stewards and Security to work with us on a range of exciting and memorable events this summer, including the Olympics.

    We are looking for impressionable, confident and reliable people who have customer service experience, are able to work long hours and are confident; also live in London, Surrey, Kent or the surrounding areas, and are able to travel to London with ease.

    You will be required to work with us on live events throughout the summer, where you will work as 'the eyes and ears' of the occasion by monitoring the crowd, passing on information to the public, and controlling traffic, plus much more.

    Training will be provided and fully funded by us.

    These dates will range from June to August,.
    The pay for Stewards will be £6.50ph, Supervisors £10.00ph and Sia trained Security £9.50ph
    These will be long shifts (minimum 12 hours) and early starts

    If this sounds like something which is of interest to you then pop an email to
    We look forward to hearing from you.
  2. The rate of pay would be?
  3. One can assume computer literacy (including use of the space bar) is not one of the qualities you are after?
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  4. Judging by the last attempt by another recent poster, I'd say £7.50 ph, I would love to be proved wrong though..
  5. Bag of rice per day?

  6. So I take it you won't be whizzing off your CV then?
  7. That's done it for me. Where do I sign?
  8. Do i get a hat?
  9. I think this would be better off on PPRUNE FAO "The Reg" :wink:
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  10. "Please don’t hesitate to send your CVincluding a cover letter over to and we will bein touch."

    Cripes. You need to send a CV and cover letter these days before they'll give you a job standing at ease, while offering a tray of Iceland morsels to a bunch of *****?
  11. Dont be so hard on Iceland, they do greggs sausage rolls nowadays
  12. Sorry about the grammatical errors in the advert, i wasnot aware that it had turned out like that, once posted.
    The Olympics will be a great opportunity, and if you will like to be a part of it just send me your CV or send me an email asking for more information and I will provide it for you.

    In regards to work it will be a busy summer with the opportunity to work alongside us on a range of different events, again if you are interested just let me know.


  13. I have involvement in the Event Industry, although only on a casual basis & I would suggest you promote yourself better with your job description in order to recieve improved replies otherwise you just look like another CV collector, in which the Industry is rife with.
  14. no chance they're all booked on the helicopter gunships,with the theme to airwolf blasting out the speakers.
  15. Why are you so shy about the rate of pay? Your last post has mistakes which hardly indicates a crisp and efficient organisation. Beemer007 makes a good point. Show what is on offer and stop trying to impress us with the type of event, if you're working it rarely matters.
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