Stevie the Pioneer

I'm sorry to say I have some sad news to impart to members of this site, our own beloved :? StP has managed to RTU himself from his CIC this week, the reason? fitenss, or lack of it.

Stevie, what happened mate?
Apparently he is now selling IICCCEEE CREEEEEAAAAMMMMMM. :lol:
Is this an attempt at publicly mocking STP for RTU'ing himself? While I like a bit of urine-taking as much as the next person, isn't this just a little bit out of order?
Come on Guys , it's easy for those of us who got through CIC to forget how many times some of us thought about it , and then thought "Fugg it, I'll jack tomorrow" until the final parade suddenly arrived.

I imagine STP will be going through his own personal agonies right now, without the inevitable pi55-take.

CIC can be a shock if you haven't prepared adequately , or if the DS think you're not giving 150%. It's just a case of grit-teeth , head down , mindless boogie till the end.

Has STP left the TA now, or has he gone away for a think?
We don't know,

This was posted due to the amount of input our Stevie put in with regards to weapon drills etc, I honestly liked the guy, once his ITD(A)10 problem was sorted out.

If you're reading Stevie pm me.
What fcking chopper started this thread? I may be wrong, but I've never seen threads slagging individual squaddies off, on the 'regular' threads.

Get a grip, if he failed it due to fitness, why not offer to help him?


Stevie, there’s nothing wrong with failing, it happens to the best of us.
You’ve identified your weaknesses, work on them and try again when you’re ready.
He is considering jacking it in. What I was told was, he binned it due to personal fitness. Also he was not fully recovered after his injury, he attempting a cft at the rtc. while I would not laugh at anybody who bins things because it is not for them. I mock him because of his arrogance on his previous posts. If that makes me a cu*t, then so be it.

My advice to STP is. take a break, have a think. Get your fitness up and train towards the CIC at Inverness In August.

I'll still slag him though. :wink:


If STP is reading this, try and remember the old addage "prides comes before the fall" (or words to that effect). STP, my previous advice remains - rest, recover, get fit and reattempt. Just make sure you adopt the gray man posture this time.

Those who think that this thread is STP baiting should read his numerous posts telling everyone that he is an infantry soldier (assault pioneer) and discussing his liability for mobilisation, treating the requirement to pass CIC as an incidental issue.
Who started this thread? I'm sure it says that at the top,

Slagging StP off was not my intention, no more so than 5.56mm got gets, StP was/ has been advised by us about his best course of action regarding training, fitness levels, playing the grey man and so on.

We will still keep on doing this. It is up to him to take in what's said, we can teach until we're blue in the face, we cannot make people learn, we can only impart the desire to learn.

There is nothing wrong with failing, that is after all why re sits were invented, along with remedial whatever.

I'd like to think Stevie will come & visit us next time he's in the area so we an bait him in person, where he can answer back immediately, he knows this.

Thanks for the vote Duke,

if I really wanted to slag someone off I would post in the NAAFI not on a general board
RTU'd himself? why? yeah, you said, Fitness worry, but why?

Surely if you try your best, work hard and plow through you'll pass the course and GET FITTER! Makes no sense and you really shouldn't be quiting until the staff say your offski which is rare unless your well and truly off yer cake.....I think I've spoke to said sprog and he seemed keen as fcuk, so hopefully he'll get his head out his arse and try again....

If it's not for you then it's not for you atleast you tried, but if fitness is the only worry, then don't....worry that is...
okay okay i am fed up with speculation i was not rtud due to laxk of fitness nor was it due to anything else that has been mentioned i am not proud of my self and my rtu reasons i would rather not discuss in open forum

and before people ask i did not do anything bad

i RTU'd myself



Well if you weren’t RTU’d for fitness and you didn’t misbehave, assuming you didn’t give up then it must have been either a medical reason or an injury…

What was it, blisters? foot fungus? nob infection?
it was a medical reason yes one which i am seriously pised off about
but i will be returning in september to complete as advise by cic staff

and no it was not blisters and it was not my previous leg injury

oh you are a real cunny funt you are



So was this medical problem picked up on day 1 of the course and you got RTU’d then and there, or did it happen half way through?

I hope you weren’t sent home because you hadn’t had your vaccinations.
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