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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Stick_Knave, Apr 1, 2004.

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  1. Got your copy yet??

    Mine arrived in the post today, of course I went round to Prontaprint in Kensington and copied it off, one for my brief and the other for my ghost writer. Totally balanced throughout, with no hint of the police holding up each other's version of events.

    Interesting to hear that the Army never provided any information of such quality that would warrant entry in the "Threat Book". The enquiry must certainly have lifted every stone to have made sure that nothng was overlooked in that department.

    Looks like a lot of us had been putting our lives on the line for so long, for nothing then.

    Back to the Yard for Tea and Commendations all round then??

    Any one else care to offer a review ??
  2. I have a review. Does the report belong to Steven? If so - you are correct in your use of the apostrophe. If not, and someone called Stevens wrote it, then you should have named your thread "Stevens' Report".

    No I haven't read it. I just get annoyed with people using wrong england.
  3. Touts and SD Nazis will be shot

    like table manners, some would say that punctuation is an affectation of the petit bourgoise.
  4. Did you say Ghost, Steak Knife?
  5. Have you got a web reference?
    (Not that I've anything to do with it. Nothing. Honest. I was in Germany at the time, I can prove it. Or Singapore, probably. Another unit, another time. I know nothing.

    But, still, SK, your comment that: Looks like a lot of us had been putting our lives on the line for so long, for nothing then. rings somewhat ironically true now. Good thing I know nothing.
    One day, someone will write a definitive academic history of all of this, and it'll be nothing like the self-serving ghost-written rot that makes the 'authors' a few pennies, and makes the job of the serving and yet-to-serve so much more uncertain, minutely regulated, unproductive and unhappy.

    Sometimes I feel that the Guardian writers and readers won't be happy until we're all dead from the effects of an attack by their heroes.
  6. Ask Ghost, he's in the know.......
  7. Hmmm,

    I can't wait to read this un-politically motivated, unbiaised and 100% truthful document.

    Great toilet reading !!!!!!!!!
  8. Makes B20 by that t wat 'McNab' look like the Encyclopidia Brittanica.
  9. I'm not sure if SK isn't talking about the Cory Report

    Pipe smoking and formerly bearded, Officer C has some interesting comments to make, thas are seriously at odds with his overtly well disposed facade towards the army:

    However, Judge Cory's remarks < in bold by me> perhaps offer a more telling explanation as to why there was no Army product included in the threat book. It would seem that there may be some outstanding quesstions here:

    1. Did the learned Judge bother to check with the daily Diary of Army Source Intelligence which is distributed outside the Province. How could there have been "Army collusion", if these army threat reports were also passed to the mainland agencies as a matter of course???

    2. In explaining that most army reports were of poor standard, did Officer C perhaps forget to mention that the majority of the good army assets recruited in the 70's had to be handed over to the RUC when police primacy kicked in 1n 1980?

    3. Will Judge Cory also be investigating a number of these cases that were so poorly handled by Officer C's source unit, that some of those assets were unnecessarily interrogated and subsequently killed by the PIRA security team. What justice for their relatives???

    4. Finally how can we be sure the threat book was not stolen when the civvy slop let the RA in to Castlereagh and up to empty the contents out of 220?? :wink:
  10. A whiff of smoke becomes a major (perceived) conflagration, as you well know. However, the perception within within the SB ranks in the late 80s/early 90s was that the Army was chasing an ambition which wasn't justified, either by role, training, ability or necessity.

    Having seen some of both worlds, (reluctantly) they were right.
  11. BushBreath

    I too have worked for the brits and the peelers.

    To be fair, after their nocturnal visits, the brits always left the hides under my control exactly as they had found them, the peelers, regrettably did not.

    The brits were never able to pick me up on the finaghy road in a Guards Red Porche 944. < especially one that the int team had on record as driving in and out of Castlereagh each day>

    the brits drilled me in what to do in an emergency and how to survive interrogation by the speccies, the peelers did not. I am still alive today because of that.

    How many of those informants who worked for the peelers, have died at the hands of the RA because of poor duty of care by the RUC Source Units?
  12. Good points, well made!

    (Bags of editing follows)

    Right, that's enough of that sketch. It's become too sillly.