Steven or Chuck???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    After the Knightrider V The A Team thread I've been sitting here watching Steven Segal in 'Under Seige' & was wodering who you think is the best out of Steven Segal or Chuck Norris?
    Both are into martial arts,Both have huge body count's in their movies but only Segal carries a gun in real life & is ,apparently,marked by the mafia.
    Personally,I think Steven Segal would kick Chuck 'Floppy'Norris's arrse anyday!
  2. Nah got to be chuck sure he had a scrap with Bruce Lee and had a mean gringo tash straigth out the blue oyster
  3. Its got to be Chuck especially after Delta force!!
  4. Chuck is a cnut granted, and a septic plastic surgeried cnut but he was the undefeated heavey weight Karate champion for six years until his retirement.

    Segal is a ballet dancing nonce by comparison, and he had a pony tail
  5. The only reason Segal is on the cosy nostrils hit list, is that they know a grade A cnut when they see one. I've had veal that was tougher than him.
  6. Chuck won the vietnam war on his own for Gods sake, all seagull managed was some low end wop's and a criminal genious or two. There is no comparison! can you imagine Chuck throwing seagull about by his mullet?
  7. Quote from American Ninja

    Chuck is the nuts!
  8. The only reason Segal is still alive is because Chuck can't be arsed to hunt him down and kill him. I know this to be true cos I saw it in the Sunday sport.......
  9. Chuck v Stevev Van Damme
  10. Chuck was a part time deputy with his local Sheriffs Dept in Terell ,Texas and was in their SWAT team for a while,can you imagine the look on the bad guys face as Chuck came through the door. 8O
  11. it took god 7 days to create the universe.

    chuck norris thought about creating a god, and one was created.
  12. Chuck has counted to infinity... twice.
  13. Video didn't kill the radio star: Chuck Norris did. With a roundhouse kick
  14. Chuck was a fully winged Ninja with a vanishing badge.
  15. Chuck can block bullets with his Beard!
    Chuck's Roundhouse Kicks can be seen from outer space!
    Chuck's tears can cure cancer...but he never cries.
    Chuck was the Fourth Wise Man. He gave the baby Jesus the gift of Beard. The other Three Wise Men edited Chuck out of the Bible. All Three died in Spinning Kick-related accidents..
    Chuck is the better Martial Artist, but Segal made better movies. Until he turned into a fat hippy.
    RUC4EVER: pity they don't let part-time coppers in this country join their local SWAT/Armed Response!