Steven Gerrard & The Kid With a Broken Leg

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Selastra, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. I wonder what the truth behind the incident was. I mean, I like Stevie G and cant see him as someone prowling the estates of Liverpool looking to run down some helpless kid.... . Can you imagine Roy Keane doing that for a geordie kid? or Wayne Rooney?

    Actually, I imagine any kid trying to get up and walk away no matter how bad they were injured if Rooney was driving. I mean, would you want to be photographed with Shrek's stunt double?
  2. I am sure that it will quickly turn into a large sympathy fest with Gerrard and the rest of the Liverpool team wearing a black armband at the next game.
  3. Quite right too, and 4 minutes silence, and a memorial service in the cathedral, and a whole thread of jealous non-identities spouting bile 8O
  4. wehappyfew / CARRPS = Brainless Idiots!
  5. Bushnut,

    You are not going to get all defensive about Liverpool are you? I wasn't having a go at Scousers I was having a go at the way that everything is turned into a sympathy fest. Clearly knocking over a kid is bad news, however the kid is not badly injured (we have all broken a leg or arm or worse at some time) and I was anticipating the inevitable articles and stories of brave Stevie at the kid's bedside. There is no need to be so sensitive about this.

  6. Why thank you very much,

    I have been promoted to idiot all I need next is a village and I have truly made it :D :D

    If I may make a tiny suggestion, read a few of my posts and see what side of the fence I am coming from, however, unlike some hypersensitive people on here :roll:

    Sticks and stones and all that :wink:
  7. And by the way doesn’t brainless and idiot sort of go hand in hand :?

    A bit like Roast beef and Yorkshire Pud or love and Marriage 8O 8O or Liverpool and knocking Chelski out of semi finals :D :D
  8. can I?
  10. Be my guest

    but please, please, for the love of all things orange

    say something original :roll:
  11. Poor target acquisition there my friend. Have a shufty at the avatars to spot where the allegiance lies.
  12. Thanks mate, however, you have to forgive him, after all he is a Loggie :wink:

    Woaaoh, lights blue touch paper and stands well, well back
  13. Hang on fellas, Hang on. The Kid was a MANC! I say good drills, Cigars and Port all round. :)
  14. Maybe the kid was paid by Chelsea so SG wouldn't be able to get the England captaincy away from JT now that he is injured. It will be obvious if he has the captaincy for a couple of games that it should be his full time.

    Either that or he needs to get some lessons from this guy:
  15. Another blatant attempt to murder a Man United fan.

    When will this thuggery end?

    These scousers really are the scum of the earth.