Steve Mc Claren,aka Mc Donut!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by commander-adama, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. The mans an utter idiot who is totally out of his depth as England manager.After watching his multi millionaires play possibly the worst game i've ever seen England play he must go!!
    Who is there to take over though?
  2. Sam Allardyce
    Arsene Wenger
    Phil Scolari
    The bloke at Reading (im having a mental block)

    Apparantly, McClaren was told by a friend that Englands performance was one of the best of the weekend. I wonder if this "friend" is small, green and sits on his shoulder telling himthat he must play 4-4-2
  3. But then Big Sam would lose his transfer money...Arsese Wenger... will he ever leave Arsenal, god I hope so!

    My vote goes to Martin O'Neil, Curbs or even el Tel!
  4. Seen that myself Drain Sniffer,i think the bloke has lost it totally!!
    I know a few Middleboro fans and to a man they detest the bloke.I also know someone who's well in at Derby County and he wasn't too popular there as well.
    As for Scolari,no chance after the FA made such a F**K UP in trying to get him in the first place!
    Allardyce i can't see because the FA won't want him due to the " allegations" about illegal payments!!
    Might as well ask Sven,i mean he's still being paid by the FA!!
    ps,I don't mean that by the way!!!!!
  5. I don't think it matters what coach we get in, the english players are that arrogant and up their own arses they will achieve nothing in the England shirt. Last time they looked like a proper team was back in 1996 with Shearer, Sherringham and Gazza running the show. Do we have to win all our remaining games now to win the group?
  6. Basically yes,however you're spot on with your point about the players.
    They are totally overhyped by the media and with the Premiership full of Foreigners now any English players who are remotely good are labelled world class!!
    English football is on a downward spiral,we'll never win a major tournament again and the richer will get richer off Sky money and exploited hard working fans conned into paying over the odds every week.Everyone shopuld stand together and boycott games.
    Never happen though!!!
  7. I would disagree. The players are used to working with top class coaches and alongside world class players in a league that is IMHO the best in the world. You then take them into an environment where mediocre coaches with limited tactical ability give them instruction to play in a way that is totaly alien to them. If we played our internationals in a way we played in the league we would be in a much stronger position
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Personally I think that McLaren is doing a great job and hope that he continues to do so for a long time to come :wave:
  9. McLaren ........ I can't help thinking he may have foreign blood.
  10. If England plays the way we did last night in the second half, I have no problems, however, after that first half 'perfomance' I was surprised the McDoughnut (English spelling) had the cheek to show his face after half time.

    Oh, and well done to Wales, Norn Iron and Italy.
  11. The Mc Donut is losing it.He walked out of a press conference and told the press to write what they want.
    Shades of Graham Taylor to me!!
  12. The box for 'communication skills' remains un-ticked.

    As he was talking it made me realise that a Frog thug/footballer talking about seagulls made more sense.
  13. Still not convinced after our win against Andrex or whatever they were called. Anyone think we will win the group?

    I'm a Sunderland supporter so often look forward to the England games as a break from our often dour matches, but give me a match at the stadium of light vs Southend any day of the week (No offence to the Southend fans)

    The media is just as bad, we were shite against Portugal in the World Cup but rather than blame our performance everyone attacks Cristiano Ronaldo who has proven this season in the Premiership just how good he is despite a balance problem....
  14. Fully agree. I've said it before, the players are paid way way too much for their 'skill' when you don't see it when it come down to the crunch. It's now all about the money and I would say that about my own prem team as well.
    Playing for the national team should be a privilege, its supposed to mean that you've been picked because you're the best of the best and the pay is a bonus on top of that.
    There's no way you can bet on an England match because they are inconsistent and there's no way I'd travel as far as Israel or Andorra to watch them either; I would be disappointed to travel so far for such a big letdown. I would say the same each time the World Cup comes round too, we won't win it if the priorities don't change. I don't know how we are supposed to be in the top ten of world's best team.
  15. He was ALWAYS popular at Derby county.
    Could do no wrong in a rams fans eyes.
    And Man u wanted him for two years before he finally went.
    England are just crap!