Steve Irwin - The Crocodile hunter RIP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dutch_paddy, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. We spend an enormous amount of time slagging civvies off, I think it is time to honour those who I feel deserve the honourary title of Squaddie.. Anyone who will intentionally place themselves in harms way of a deadly animal to show we are not the top preditor on the planet deserves recognition, if not recognition that he was alas at the wrong place at the wrong time, something I can relate to
  2. Yep I'd agree with the above, a good bloke who will be missed. RIP.
  3. Ahhh, Dutch Paddy, we meet again.....

  4. I'll second that, dutch_paddy. I was a little bit shocked at all the irreverant banter on ARRSE when he died. Still, we're squaddies (serving and ex), ain't we?

  5. sorry thread started, but I think Honourary Squaddie status should be confered to those deserving I know this is a separate thread but I believe this is appropriate, recognise those people who do not wear a uniform but stand for thier beliefs and merit our applauds. sorry ofr spelling phishd
  6. On a serious note. Steve Irwin was a top bloke who I'm sure most squaddies could relate to. Saw a pic. in a newspaper today where he was feeding a croc. with his baby in his arm. Pointless and stupid but apart from that he was a great watch. He'll be sadly missed.

  7. Outstanding!
  8. There was already a thread on this that was mostly respectful.

    Actually, from the footage it seems he wasn't agitating the creature. The reason he got hit in the chest isntead of the foot was because he was swimming instead of wading in the water. Apparantly he lasted quite awhile, and the footage shows him pulling the barb out of his heart. He was a tough one.

    He really did an awful lot for conservation and education, even if he was a bit of a nutter. However, he wouldn't have been half as effective if he hadn't been insane.
  9. A newbe so to speak but how do you search threads? I know i can not find my arse with a GPS enlighten me please? R IRISH and ex G2 so I am qualified as thick or blind MODS please help!
  10. Here's the thread
  11. Would you have a link for that footage? Since he's only the third person to die from a stingray sting in Australia it sounds a little strange.

    EDIT: Having read a few more reports about this I feel I no longer need the footage; just a tragic accident. :(
  12. Sorry but the information is lacking those who point out previous threads are more intelligent than me I also feel I have a pertentent thread giving steve Irwin the honour of honourary Squaddie, a man who was not a bonefide naturalist or a professor but a man who believed in what he was doing. The perfect description of a Squaddie that springs to mind, someone who does the right thing, bollocks to the public thinking. :x
  13. I seen one episode where he held a lecture for US special forces - he had some etc with him - taught them how to react when in their environment.
  14. What do you mean Chaz?