Steve Frudd - RIP

Shocking a sad news regarding Steve Frudd, formerly of the RTR and latterly the INT CORPS, who passed away earlier this week. As a friend and colleague since 1978 I can only echo the sentiment and praise of this quiet and highly professional individual as expressed below.

In paying tribute to Steve and his work, Chief Constable Peter Neyroud, NPIA Chief Executive, said: "The world of covert policing is, by its very nature, specialist and highly controlled. In a part of policing where success cannot be publicised, Steve played a huge yet quiet part in protecting both the public and our colleagues engaged in high risk, high consequence operations.

"Following a successful career with the military, Steve joined policing in the 90's. He contributed to the development of the original Specialist Crime Centre in Loughborough, following which he was instrumental in the creation of both the National Specialist Law Enforcement Centre and the National Centre for Policing Excellence within Centrex. Within the NPIA, his work on improving the professionalism of covert investigations and training continued, and it was his vision which drove the creation of new dedicated facilities for covert policing.

"Most important however is the contribution he made to the covert community in policing. He was until last week providing specialist advice to live operations, and his untimely passing will leave a huge hole in covert law enforcement.

"In an area of policing where absolute trust, professional expertise and exceptional personal integrity are essential, Steve had each of these in abundance. This is what made him a great leader within our organisation, and policing."

RIP Steve
Sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.

My path crossed Steve's only briefly, but he definately made an impression on me, he sticks in my mind as one of the old and bold of the Manor. I remember he had a cracking sense of humour and could often pick out the funny aspects of any situation. I also seem to remember he often used to carry a sooty glove puppet around with him, am I correct with this? Does anyone know the circumstances behind his passing?
TMA told me the sad news in a phone call over the weekend.

I never knew Steve in the Corps, but I did know him from my time in 2 RTR where he was a genuinely all round nice guy who was willing to join in and help out us scruffy VM's whenever we needed an extra pair of hands - which was often. He had a very clever sense of humour and it would take a while to figure that he was extracting the urine without being nasty.

Eye-Spy, from my conversation with TMA, I believe it was Kidney Failure.

I wonder if this thread has been copied to the Tankies Page !
Hello, I am Steve Frudds daughter,
Sadly my dad passed away on Friday 9th July at Hospital near my parents home.
Dad had been ill since January this year with Kidney problems resulting in one of his kidneys being removed a couple of months later a brain tumour was found and removed successfully, a few weeks ago another tumour was found. Dad was waiting to go in to hospital to remove this.
Unfortunately this never happened and he passed away from a Intercranial Bleed.
We have Sooty at home with us.


Our thoughts are with you and will be passing this on to those in the RTR.

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