Sterotypes of the elderly

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jon1467, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Writing a little piece on what is incorrect about stereotypes of the elderly and I thought I best find out what the sterotypical elderly person is like. Therefore could you post what you think a typical elderly person is like. watch and shoot, watch and shoot.
  2. Smells of p**s and twiglets.
  3. Streets are full of the coffin-dodging cnuts, wandering aimlessly having forgotten their way home, looking like extras from Shaun Of The Dead, only with urine stains.
  4. Not all old people are gingers.
  5. Outstanding drivers
  6. small and slightly staggering around.
    they look at small children with a smile and sense of deep hatred.
    constantly droning on that 'it wouldnt of happened in my day'
    Some of their heads appear to vibrate violently as if having a mini-fit.
  7. cnuts , Victor meldrews , moaning over the most insignifcant things as they now have time to ponder how they wasted their life, annoying the local postman (me, who usually tells them to fcuk off and get a life)
  8. they drive so slow you would think they are practicing for their funeral ! :lol:
  9. Just think of the colour beige.

    Old People

    T C
  10. The elerly tend to talk about two things -- the weather and their health. Their conversation tends to be very 'safe', it's not often you hear the elderly discussing the major issues of the day.

  11. here's another dicussion point. At what age to you become "old" nowadays?? Due to people now living longer, where is that elusive line that is drawn between 'middle-aged' and 'elderly' ??
  12. Ask BLiar - he's moved the pension age to 124 years old now hasn't he?
  13. Being old is having achieved the position where one just does not care a single sh1t as to the opinion of younger persons. They cannot claim that they are founding any Utopia. Our previous life was far better than the angst-ridden existence they have. Our time on earth is limited - they have a much longer road to travel; one which, by virtue of their incompetence, avarice and stupidity will become even worse. Our gift to them was instant sunshine. They fcuked that up and many are quite likely to pass into dust prematurely with a faint glow around their edges like the Ready Brek advert.

    Please feel free to call again should you require any further assistance. Have a nice day.
  14. Climb down off that fence and tell us how you really feel. :D
  15. Holding up queues at supermarket checkouts whilst they search for their purse so they can pay for their shopping all in 2p pieces; clogging up A&E departments with fractured femurs the moment there's a breath of wind or a bit of ice; driving fecking red Nissan Micras at precisely 27mph; causing delays at motorway service stations when their coach makes yet another p!ss stop; living on 19p and two tins of Kit-e-kat a week; being High Court Judges, and failing to understand reality.