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Now then, my mate is on steroids in the army. He put loads of size on and Im thinking of putting size on myself. I know the risks of steroids. Im not that sure on them. But does anyone know whether you can take steroids in the army and if they come up on Compulsary drugs test. I would think not as it is a performance enhancing supplement and legal to buy and take. But I would like a other peoples views on this please!
Suggest you do a search for the other numerous threads on this. It will serve three purposes:

1. You'll get your answers in quick time
2. You'll save yourself the grief of having to try and justify yourself to responses that tell you you are a waste of time.
3. It will save me having to watch the thread for the next month.

In fact: This topic is locked, not least because the thought of having to moderate a (repeat) topic based on a really STUPID, dumb question (whether a WAH or Journo attack)makes my blood boil. I have better things to do with my time.

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