Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by viking21, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Right I've just got back from the gym and been chatting to the lads.

    There all pumped up stead monsters and can lift nearly twice what I'm lifting. It's p1ssing me off that I put so much effort into getting strong and fit and these blokes have been doing it half the time, and they p1ss all over me in every sense. Some of them are lifting 100kg.

    They are all telling me to get on them and il p1ss army training, but I don't want to cheat, in fear of being caught and the side-effects it will have on my body in the long term.

    I've read through previous threads about this and there doesn't seem to be a clear answer to what the army rules are about them. I can't see it being legal, but as I've just read it seems they can't afford to test for steroid abuse.

    What should I do,its annoying when you put effort in with slight progression over a long period and see others doing the same workouts but with massive results...Its a joke
  2. don't do it, be trueful to you'reself
  3. Get a grip, steroids fuck you up. End of.
  4. You don't get anything for nothing in this world mate. Your mates might be getting bigger than you quicker, but paybacks a bitch, and steroids make you pay and pay and pay in hte long run. Just don't do it. Put in the time and effort and you will get there and be a lot healthier than you mates. Just avoid them when they get the roid rage.
  5. Oh, for fcuk's sake... :roll:

    One more time for the hard of thinking: Steriods are a Bad Thing. They help you increase strength and bulk(if you train hard enough while on the Gear). The price includes mood swings('Roid Rage)damage to the heart and liver, impotence and increased risk of cancer.

    And because you are bulked up, you will have much less stamina - oh, yeah, they'll help you "p1ss Army training" all right. Whoever told you that has either never served or was'nt on the Gear while in the Forces. End of. :evil:
  6. Make up your own mind
    1) Any steroid you can buy without a doctors prescription is almost certainly counterfeit or sub standard (as in manufactured in a Pakistani or Chinese backroom).
    2) Steroids only bulk you up while you are using them – stop using and you lose much of your gains.
    3) Steroids often improve you mood while you are using – stop and you feel down – see where I am going with this.
    4) Steroids give you bitch tits.
    5) Steroids make you aggressive – aka “roids rage”.
    6) Steroids might increase strength but do not increase endurance.
    7) From experience there is a time to stand and a time to run – knowing the difference if what keeps you alive when things get interesting. Steroids can get you and your mates dead very quickly.
  7. Impressive. If they are women. :roll:

    I Bench 100k on an Incline. And I've never touched the Gear.

    If you want a supliment, try Whey Isolate; good protein straight to your muscles. And no side effects. :wink:
  8. Your trolling offends me. I work hard at my trolling. You are just lazy. It's an artform, not a hobby.
  9. are you clear on the armys drug policy?
  10. Pretty obvious you haven't been into weight training long, anyone who's been weight training for any length of time will tell you that patience and consistency will get you strong long term, steroids may give you a couple of months worth of strength but you're not going to be sticking needles in your arrse during phase 1, that strength is NOT going to last. Furthermore steroids are anabolic designed to increase muscle mass they won't improve your endurance which will be the bulk of your army training. Totally not worth the bother. :D
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Enough. You know the answer.
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