Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by padre666, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. i over heard a conversation, they said that steroids are legal in the army and buy steroids i dont just mean injectiable this also covers tablet form such as pink stars and ethergin, is this true ??? could some one shed some light on this subject pleas.
  2. The mass roid rage would be scary!
  3. yes if it was not controled i.e issued
  4. Depends what you mean by steroids. Hydrocortisone cream is permitted and widely used for rashes and skin complaints. Anabolic steroids for enhancement of physical performance are not permitted due to side-effects and those who would wish to use them are those too jack to go out and get fit on their own.

    We trialled all sorts of drugs on soldiers at Porton Down once upon a time, with few positive outcomes. The septics did likewise, with similar results.

    Are you serving? Would you want to be working with a bunch of people whose mental state had been altered chemically?
  5. Not bad, only five worlds wrong there.

    Hmmm, at least eight errors there. Do 'setroids' destroy your command of the English language?
  7. OOH OOH i know this one!!


    What do i win?
  8. I watched a docu-film called Bigger, Stronger, Faster. It highlights the massive use of steroids and American culture - basically shit loads of people use them from sports professionals, fitness models to guys going to the gym. All the stuff about 'roid rage is a load of bollox and it would seem anabolic steroids were less dangerous than multi-vitamins.

    Basically as with everything, do it in moderation.

  9. I think that if they where carefully monitored and distributed they could be beneficial... but we'll never know :p
  10. Can the British Army even afford to do tests for steroids?

    Wouldn't be advisable really. Can you imagine some monged out, monkey shaped bellend attempting to run. Probably have a psychological breakdown due to stress and break out in acne while his dick shrinks?

    Theories, theories. Just like being in the gym..
  11. I would imagine that steroid cream is permitted, but in the form that needs to be injected then no.
  12. Will that work on your p@nis, what happens if you get some on your fingers do they get enlarged.
  13. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As was said before, all this stuff has been trialled, and none of it had successful outcomes. You had British soldiers breaking down in fits of laughter whilst on LSD and being unable to control their weapon systems properly, or going into crazy sulks.
    (Much like now actually...)

    So no, enhancement drugs are not allowed for a very good reason - There are none in existence which do not have some form of bad side effect.

    Performance boosts must come at the expense of something. I'd rather it wasn't my mental state. :)
  14. Go for it sunshine.

    I injected anabolics for years whilst serving and I passed all my CDT's, hence my name. Dont know how they test but they certainly didnt scan for the old steds, they must of used a bargain basement 3rd party company.

    Take no notice of the scare stories that the un-educated bods in these forums like to spout.

    Example = "monged out, monkey shaped bell end with acne and a small dick"

    Ok - where did you read that one you clampit - The military paranoia guide to anabolic steriods. You are another of the boring fcukwits who has not got a clue.

    My phys was way above average which enabled me to carry a milan and two rounds on my back back in the days of no H&S ********* :)

  15. Roid Rage? lol