Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by nba2005uk, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Im not really sure where this topic should be posted so ill just post it here.
    Regarding steroid use, i have taken a steroid about 2 months back and the steroid is supposed to stay in your system for 3 months. Problem is i just got a call saying i got my ASDC end of february. What are the chances of the steroids showing up in the urine test? Do they even test for steroids or just recreational drugs, coke, heroin etc? And no i do not take steroids anymore it was a big mistake and will never do again. Cheers
  2. Did you take it over a longer period, or was it a one time thing?
  3. I did a 6 week cycle. But my last dose was about 2 months back? I have heard they dont test for steroids but you can never be certain. I spoke to somebody on the armyjobs site, and he sed not to worry about it at ASDC but he didnt explain why? Any ideas?
  4. Assuming that this was a prescribed medication of Steroids to treat a specific condition, then your medical notes will confirm the prescription.

    No probs - got picked up a few years back for the same. People "panic" about the word because of the connection to steroid abuse - which is a somewhat different issue.
  5. No it wasnt a doctors prescription if that was the case then i wouldnt ask. I know it was the wrong thing to do but its in the past now. So does anybody know if they test for steroids in your medical or not? Surely someone must know.
  6. I'm pretty sure he's talking about abusing steroids.
  7. My mate is in the marines and he says there's quite a lot of them doing steroids (not for medicinal purposes) and he says it's obvious they're on them too.

    Made me wonder what the policy is on them and if it came up on drug tests. :?
  8. No im talking about buying them and taking a low dose for a short time. Abusing them would be to take them for a long time at a high dose.
  9. Sorry - wasn't clear from your first post that you were talking recreational ab/use. :)
  10. I think "abuse" means to take them for anything other than medicinal purposes ie in this country not prescribed by a doctor
  11. Source
  12. I already know everything stated in that link. And i know that the steroid i used takes 3 months to leave your body. My question was, do they test for steroids in your medical, or just the rec drugs like weed, coke, heroin etc? A test for steroids is an individual test and can cost over a grand per test, thats why im not sure whether they test for them?
  13. Bollocks. Nandrolone (for example) is detectable almost two years after taking it. Stuff like equipoise can last a long time too.

    What did you take?

    BTW, Mac1 is right. If you buy it and take it without a prescription, you're abusing it. End of story. None of this 'oh I only did a little bit' rubbish.
  14. Bring it on, baldy man-boobs.
  15. I took sustanon which last 3 months. Yeh i know stuff like deca can last over a year. Bu thats not my question.