Steroid use

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Regarding steroid use, i have taken a steroid about 2 months back and the steroid is supposed to stay in your system for 3 months. Problem is i just got a call saying i got my ASDC end of february. What are the chances of the steroids showing up in the urine test? Do they even test for steroids or just recreational drugs, coke, heroin etc? And no i do not take steroids anymore it was a big mistake and will never do again. Cheers
If you want to get into the Army that badly, you'll be able to work out the answer yourself. Prepared to take the risk for Feb?


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I must admit, I've never thought of heroin as being a 'recreational' drug, but hey ho, I'm obviously old before my time. You kids, with your hip hop and rave music. I don't know...

The only way you are going to find out if it shows up is by trying, really. It is easy to say "They don't test for it" or "You will definately fail" but the truth is, nobody here can say.
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