Sterilise teen girls!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobath, Feb 19, 2008.

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    The exterm femanist and writer Fay Weldon suggest using 5 year contraceptive techniques on all girls aged 12. This would, she suggests, end the problem of teen mums and benifits scroungers.

    While some might think thats a good thing, the massive rise in teens with STI's would more than likely go through the roof. A patient with HIV from the age of 15 can be treated and live until the age of 60. Those drugs ain't cheap though.
  2. By not giving them the contraceptive, would you not end up with them pregnant and HIV+ ?

    How about NOT giving them any benefits until they've worked for 5 years from leaving school/college?
  3. Or just stop making being a teenage mum a lucrative deal to jump the housing list and get more benefit.

    As for Weldon's idea - how fecking stupid.
  4. Getting pregnant now means a free council house and benefits which means the little chavette can get away from mum and dad and watch Jeremy Kyle all day eating KFC and smoking weed
  5. Sounds brilliant, I'm off to get my missus up the duff.
  6. Stick them all in prison ships. I fcuking hate benefit spongers...
  7. And the damage it could do to ones SO young and their possibilties of reproduction in future life?

    Do we live in a Communist State? .. :wink:
  8. Holland seems to have the pregnant teenager thing sorted......... they get fook-all. So lets not reward the little shits and when they do fook-up there are plenty of people that will pay for babies.
  9. What a load of bollox!

    There is enough contraception out there already. Girls just need to be empowered enough to use it.
  10. :?

    The govt need to be empowered enough to stop their benefits.
  11. I think its great, forcabley sterilising young girls. It won't stop them geting druck and having sex will.

    Femail circumsion however will put a more perminent end to the problem. They will still feed the economy by buying loads of bargin booze, but no lad's going in there when she has had her clunt zippered shut.
  12. :clap:

    So Fay thinks that by doing this, the young 'ladies' in question would continue with their education :roll: Perhaps permanently sterilising the parents of these wastes of oxygen would have solved the problem.
  13. Empowered or just have the balls, but you are right.

    Wishful - what are you talking about, the tramps are actively using this to get money and housing, they are not going to use contraception :?
  14. That's like shoving the bolt shut after the horse has bolted isn't it?

    We need to work backwards on that one. No pregnancy first! Then the Govt wouldn't need to "stop their benefits" in the first place.
  15. Let the little slappers multiply, just when it comes time for the council house, relocate them to Bridgend, problem solves itself.