Stereo system for a bar?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by instinct, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. I’ve been helping redecorate my units Junior Rates Bar and one of the things we have been looking at is a new stereo system for behind the bar. The room is around about 10 by 15 meters. All the Stereos we have looked at seem to be for "the living room" with the speakers on a table next to the main tower, we want them attached to the walls on either side of the room.
    We want the usual radio/CD but also the ability to plug in iPods and laptops.

    We have looked at the Panasonic SA AK580

    What or where do you recommend for us with a budget of £200-£300.

    I submit my plea to the genius of arrse!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I would go: on your amplifier. Getting Cambridge Audio is good as the stuff sounds pretty good, and as it's Richer Sounds own brand, they miss out the middle man and you get a good saving. on your speakers, they really can take an absolute blasting so no idiot will be able to break them no matter how much they turn up the amp above. They will easily fill a 10x15 room and sound good too. With the black covers on, they litterally just become black boxes with no garish branding on, so wouldn't look particularly out of place in a nice bar - just chuck em on the wall and you'd be fine. on your CD player. the technology is cheap now and will do the job as well as anything costing twice as much. connect CD to amp. for your ipod connection. decent speaker cable, both amp and speakers take bare wire so no need to buy bananas. cheap pair of brackets.

    so all in all you have a system where if somebody breaks something you only have to get the 1 bit replaced, not all of it. This means if somebody knackers the CD player, you still have a stereo in the bar. It's a sturdy system that'll take a lot of abuse whilst sounding good, and will easily fill a good size bar.

    I know a package system can be tempting, but seperates are still the way forward as good CD player manufacturers don't necessarily make good speakers etc.

    It also all looks quite discreet and won't notice in the bar.

    Also worth mentioning, the amp has a pre-amp out, meaning in the future if you're looking for more volume or coverage, you could buy a second amp and pair of speakers, and run 4 speakers in the bar without any issues, and only needing to buy more speaker cable and a pair of phono leads.
  3. 2nded if you can get to a shop they can talk you through whay u need or email them cheap and know what there talking about