Stepping back a few years

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. This bobby reckons that throwing on clobber from 30 years ago helps him be a better bobby

    Dixon of Dock Green

    Stepping off using his advice i have decided that should i return to Afghanistan any time soon I intend to wear my Number Two's and carry a Lee Enfield.

    Just thought it was important you all knew that!
  2. Where the putties and lined combat trousers?
  3. At least the Lee Enfield won't jam.
  4. You reckon we should only step back to the seventies then. I wouldn't be able to sport a big enough tache and current bosses would frown at my hair cut.
  5. Get the old scarlet kit on and dust off the Martini-Henrys. Worked so well for us the last time we were in Afghanistan.

    Ah. Plan B, anyone?
  6. O those happy heady days when Maggie was PM!

    When she referred to the military as "Her Boys" and thanks to the striking Firemen we got a very nice payrise thank you very much!! :wink:
  7. And we got to drive GGs and go around roundabouts the wrong way - oh and the £10 xmas bonus as well (tax-free, naturally :D ), don't forget. Such heady days...
  8. When gortex was a garment from tomorrow's world and when you left camp wet you stayed wet for six weeks(normal exercise length). You could put the hood up on your combat jacket (if issued) and the rain went straight through it. If it got too bad you could put on your poncho except you needed it for your Basher. DMS boots if you waterproofed you could never get them to shine again and the RSM then made life really comfortable. Let the past stay in the past thanks.
  9. However because of his cape and tache he wont get stabbed. This is the point of my thread.

    So i put it to the government to let us return to Basra in Medieval kit with Longbows and watch the Jam fall one by one!
  10. I will more likely send the colour sergeant back complete with flag and message never to return.
  11. So, here I am then, fresh from the attic:

    On my head I am modelling a pointless peice of scrap metal, with the capability to stop a peanut launched from a catapult. It is covered in a net of green string and on the inside is a contraption designed to keep it firmly stuck to my swede, but doesn't because the nipple is rounded off and does not grip the stud. The chinstrap is firmly tucked below my chin however this gives it a sort of reverse "clowns pants" effect, and the helmet bounces uncontrollably.

    Starting on the inside, I am wearing an issued t-bag vest, which traps the moisture next to the skin, a joy standing on Winklershohe in the rain.

    On top of that, I have a hairy KF shirt, which is like wearing a sheet of sandpaper under each armpit and around my neck, which I have protected with a scrim scarf, which gives the effect of making me appear as if I have a green goitre.

    On top of that I am wearing a nylon based woolie pully which has shrunk to the size of an action man. Only the pads remain the same size.

    I then have on a quilted liner, with buttons up the front and no pockets.

    On top I have a heavy combat jacket, with crap pockets and buttons which fall off and get snagged on everything I touch, and to cap it all I am wearing a rubberised waterproof jacket which again keeps in the moisture and has the effect of making me sweat like a rapist.

    I am wearing long johns with a gusset hanging down to my knees, these are on top of my t-bag pants, again with an oversize gusset. I'm a big lad but this is taking the piss.

    My lined combat trousers, with the useless pen pocket on the front, supposedly for a first field dressing are held up with issued braces, trussing me up even further. On top I have rubberised waterproof pants, again with an oversized gusset which gives me the appearance of a dwarf.

    My trousers are tucked into my puttees, which when wet wick rain and water into mt DMS boots, which have kipper insoles that give me blisters.

    I am wearing full 58 pattern webbing, including large pack, sleeping bag and poncho roll, making it impossible to move.

    I am wearing green wooly gloves which slip on the grip of my SLR.

    I have grown buggers grips on my face to complete the effect and have brought out my C45 Larkspur set, sending the missus out to tune the antenna whilst I press the pressel switch in the back of the ferret.

    Step back in time? Get Fooked!
  12. Sounds fantastic!

    Sign me up, I want to wear that kit whilst on ex in Jan in BAOR and using a tyre iron to smash the hessian hanging down on the sides of my RL prior to yet another 4 hours drive around in circles before camming up in yet another woods. Pity about the worn down button on your warry hat - I used to love the feeling of it digging into the top of the old bonce as I ran along.
  13. exept for the shreddies and boots and putties all that kit was still issued in my TA unit 10yrs ago
  14. Laugh? I nearly split my headover!

    However - some of that kit from the days of yore was actually quite good. The 68(?) pattern combat trousers that were lined to the knee were excellent. Brilliant quality, well cut, comfortable and warm. The jacket wasn't bad at all and both were far superior to the soft fuzzy combat suit with the fly-away pockets that followed them. (This was pre C95)

    Although the Shirt KF was very itchy, it was actually very warm and, most importantly, was warm when it was wet - a feature that a Norgie certainly doesn't replicate. In winter I used to wear a long sleeved T-shirt or sweatshirt under my Shirt KF and actually grew to like it. I did briefly manage to get hold of its precursor, the woollen shirt with pleated pockets. That was actually much more comfortable next to the skin and was a much better cut and fit. Wool is actually a really good fabric, it's fireproof, still insulates you when wet and doesn't get smelly like synthetics do. It wicks moisture away well and is good even in hot climes when woven in a thin cloth. Just think how comfortable that sweat soaked cotton shirt GS is once you've cooled down....

    Lightweights were just fine for barrack dress although I always hated the plastic belt that we were supposed to wear with them.

    The scrim scarf wasn't all that bad but a better bet was to get a second world war "commando" woollen hat that could be a scarf or a hat as required - better than that bloody synthetic headover!

    Black daps were useful - but not for running!

    Most everything else was rubbish as you said!
  15. Woad.. proper stuff...