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Can someone pm me (or open forum) ref what Steppe eagle(Kasakstan sp?) excersize is and what the instructors get up to.

Many thanks borat jokes


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I went on it a few years ago - excellent (and huge!) training areas, plenty of opportunity to use ex-Russkie kit, and the local population contains some of the most stunning women in the world - comes of being on the borders of Europe/East Asia/South Asia.

If there is a problem - you are (well, we were) reliant on Crabair, so be prepared for delays and general ****-abouts as normal.
Its a cracking exercise.

We got flown by a private jet, unfortunately the RAF had banned the sale of Alcohol on the flight apparently.

The women are gorgeous, Almatty is the main city we went too fun on the beer however you need to loose the local chaperones (Spies as we called them) as they take you to some really odd places that they think you want to visit.

The Camel club (it think that’s the name) is the place to go something about the Russian, Asian mix of women.

Oh yes and the exercise was good too
Just dont let your CO go on the piss as they loose their jobs in country
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Yes I agree was there in 2008 the women are a mixture of the small asiatic women you would expect and tall blue eyed blonde babes. When I asked the chaperone he told me that in World War 2 that nice Mr Stalin relocated 500,000 ethnic Germans there out of the way of the advancing Germans to stop them being a source of manpower for them. So thats why a lot of the women are tall, blonde and blue eyed (heaven) great views of the snow capped mountains from the training area. And our training major before deployment told us "dont bring your Gortex because it never rains at that time of year" lying cnut, but thankfully after 30 years in the Army i never fell that old bollocks and took it anyway. Also the training area is covered in naturally growing cannabis plants (good specimens) so if your doing a lot of grunt stuff your kit gets impregnated with the stuff and when you land at Brize the sniffer dogs think all their holidays have come at once. And lastly the shit houses that we had, we shared with 300 Khazakstan paratroopers, whose usual method of curling one out was to stand on the bog and drop one muslim style, so the bogs soon were covered in shite, they also tend to wander into the training area and surface lay one close to camp, so be careful if your doing anything that involves lying on the ground? But overall an experiance not to be missed, very friendly people, but still in the old Soviet mindset about security, police escort when on road moves and chaparones when they let you out in Almaty, but still great fun and not a Borat in site. Enjoy
The Yurt of death as we called it.

I ended up with D&V and in the med centre from dining in there however the blokes said it was the vodka, however I then spent the next 2 weeks in the portaloos not much fun really.

At the end of the exercise blokes where stepping over full Colonels from NATO who where so drunk the fell asleep in the door ways.

On ours a RM Col ended up throwing up all over the table in front of the Defence Attaché :)

But hey its not their fault in a country where it is thought rude not to drink the vodka given to you, what do you expect.

The KAZAK General turned up for the opening parade so drunk he couldn't salute and then fell down the podium stairs :D

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