Stephen Lynch- NAAFI Soundtrack

Yes, I know that there's a seperate thread for videos/links etc. but I don't think this man's body of work will achieve the recognition it deserves there. I saw this guy perform at a club a little while back- he's a singer/songwriter (just finished a run playing the lead in the Broadway adaptation of The Wedding Singer) and he's a filthy fcuking genius. His song about the Special Olympics has already had an outing on ARRSE:

But there's so much more:

While You're Away:

Love Song:

For The Ladies

Let's Make Love

Best Friends Song


And many, many more.

I ask you, is there any other songsmith out there who can truly capture the true essence of the NAAFI Bar?


War Hero
That's fecking funny!



I laughed so much abit of wee came out, il have to change now you basterward.


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