Stephen Lawrence pair found guilty

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How many times did they try this case?

Or are these a different pair of blokes?
Appeal will be based on, unsafe conviction due to the fact that the case had been prejudiced by the previous press involvement.
Appeal will be based on, unsafe conviction due to the fact that the case had been prejudiced by the previous press involvement.

Have'nt been following the case, but was'nt there something about the DNA evidence being potentially unsafe due to cross-contamination?
BBC 24 just showed clips of the secret camera placed in their living room - them waving knives about, talking about machine gunning blacks etc and then...remarkably...looking towards the camera, acknowledging it was there and stating it was a waste of taxpayer's money!

I think they were****ed if they were not guilty anyway - they would have just had EU vote style trials...keep on pushing until the right verdict is reached.

Edit: seems I'm not the only one to notice the EU method in play.
Nasty pair of kunts from a dodgy family finally getting done.
It wasnt "instutitional racism" that failed to get them deat with properly it was a ****ing corrupt cop.
Either way, they simply had to be found guilty as far as the system is concerned. The Lawrence case forms part of the foundations of modern day political correctness.
I cant help wondering if they really are guilty,the media always painted them guilty , they have always protested their innocence and were always free to do a runner , If I`d done it I`d have been off to South America or the Russian foreign legion!
Absolute ****ing political show trial, convicted on evidence that is tainted beyond belief, and youd've have to have lived on mars for 25 years not to have had a preconcieved opinion on their guilt, whether they did it or not is immaterial if you give a shit about the justice system in this country.


I agree horrid types or not were innocent and Labour changed the law to ensure this case alone was sorted to their satisfaction. They have been tried 3 times now! If this one faiiled I wonder how long before it would have happened again? Either way I expect we will see an updated version of PACE to ensure little errors like this dont upset the Hampstead heath dinner parties again!
Interesting theory.

Did you come up with it after watching that "Love Thy Neighbour" DVD uncle Enoch gave you?
I'm in the interesting position of agreeing both with your previous statement that they're value for a little bum love in chokey and his... up to a point.

I also believe they're going to walk and the Met/CPS be left with even more egg on their face.
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