Stephen Lawrence Centre Vandalised

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. BBC news are reporting that the Stephen Lawrence centre opened only a week ago in memory of a black youth murdered in a racist attack; has been vandalised.

    Police are treating it as a racist hate crime.

    FFS sake, why is it not being treated as straight forward vandalism, the vandals are alleged to have thrown bricks from outside the security fence and there is no reporting of racist graffitti so how the feckin hell does this automatically become a 'Race Hate' crime?

    Do others feel that Met Police have been so wounded by the 'findings' of the 'Macpherson' report that they panic when anything adverse happens that has in anyway an attachment to Stephen Lawrence?
  2. You obviously don't understand the modern meaning of Racially motivated crime. It is any crime against a non-white person by whoever and for whatever reason. Only whites are allowed to be racist in today's world.
  3. We are?? Well, blow me, the Govt allowing us to do something, wonders will never cease.
  4. We're allowed to be racist? Fantastic. Might get some lessons from The_Cad and steven.
  5. No one seems to bother about the repeated damage to the memorial plaque to PC Dunne. Not that I'm suggesting double standards.
  6. You think I am racist? You have no idea what real racisim is, you think that because I am concerned about the impact immigration is having on the country I grew up in I am a racist?

    :lol: You haven't got a clue.
  7. The police said:
    As such it's the rules and regulations which are being unreasonable here.

    Doesn't stop Red Ken from going on his usual guilt trip:
    Why are planners suprised when a building with a lot of glass in an area prone to vandalism has its windows smashed?
  8. Nope, you just bit like a motherf*cker :D

    Whilst I don't agree with a lot of your views, I don't think you're a racist. Not in the same way as old Caddy.
  9. It's not that the government is allowing whites to be racist, it's just that most of us have been simply re-catagorised as racists now.
    Perfectly well balanced english folk who have friends and aquantances of all skin tones and creeds and originality now find themselves rebranded as 'racists' simply because they wanted England to remain unininvaded by tens of thousands of foreign voices bringing their own cultures and religions to swamp and obliterate the traditional English way of life.
    I'm a racist apparently nowadays. I refuse to keep saying 'I'm not a racist but..' any longer- Of course I am not. I am in my own country where my family have been for hundreds and hundreds of years and I don't like what this government is doing to me and my country. I certainly don't want all these foreigners moving here.
    I want the vast majority of them turned around and sent back from whence they came.
    So I'm a racist. Oh well. Broon's a cnut.
  10. Well of course it is a racially motivated crime.

    The law says "A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person"

    So if a passing member of the public feels it is racially motivated then it is and all the power of the state should be brought to bear on the evil doers.
    Wonder what will happen if they find out that the rock throwers were melanin enriched?
  11. Fcukity fcuk Chomp! :oops:
  12. Melanin Enriched...I think I have a new pen name.

    I'll bet you £20 and half a bottle of Pimm's that whoever broke the windows didn't even know what the place was called.
  13. Read a post recently on one of the police blogs. The blogger, a police officer, attended a building site where a builder had reported some tools nicked from his tool box.

    Everything changed on arrival at the building site. The builder was black.

    The race crime unit was notified and arrived with flashing blue lights. They went to extraordinary lengths to get the builder to say the crime was racially motivated. Any crime becomes racially motivated as soon as a member of an ethnic minority declares it to be so.

    The builder stoically maintained that it was a simple case of theft. Some opportunist had pinched his tools when he wasn't looking.

    Faced with the builder's unwillingness to instigate a witch hunt, the race crime unit contacted the force's anti-racism czar. They were duly advised to investigate the possibility of inter-tribal racism on the building site. Could the builder be a victim of persecution by someone from a different tribe back in the old country? This is how to turn black on black crime into a racism issue.

    Sadly, the old country turned out to be England. The builder was a local man. At that point, his brother appeared with the tools. Working on the same site, he had borrowed the tools without asking. Case closed.

    Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods, the police wont turn out for a drug dealer selling cocaine inside a school.
  14. Probably can't read either - the more publicity there is - the more chance there is of some moron just letting loose some stones at the new windows one they're installed. It probably will have little to do with racism.
  15. Gents, sorry to say this but as white, middle-aged, hetro-sexual British males you are by definition racist and homophobic (whether you were aware of it or not). Everything that is wrong in the world today is your fault. How do I know this? Well the Gobmint and Red Ken and his pals have stated it so often it must be true.