Stephen Hawkings

Discussion in 'Sick Jokes' started by Cheat, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Steven Hawkings went out last night on a blind date; the first date in many years.

    When he failed to return last night police were informed and sent out search parties to look for him; he was eventually found this morning laid in a street and in a sorry state. He had broken glasses, a chipped front tooth, a broken right wrist, skinned knees and a twisted left ankle.

    Police are working on the theory that his date stood him up.
  2. Not a big fan of Stephen Hawkings, I think he's pretentious.

    Comes from Kent but speaks with an American accent.
  3. Ah, you've heard Ricky Gervaise as well.
  4. Hasn't everyone?
  5. apparently he wasn't feeling to well a friend phoned nhs direct and they said, "have you tried turning him off and on again"
  6. The docs found out he had a virus, but he was ok again once they had updated his Widows Defender.