Stephen Gately Funeral in North Dub

Have been forced to watch the funeral of the North Dublin knacker on Sky One. He is now off for a BBQ at Glasnevin and later on will be going out for a wee spin with Matthew Fricker & Dodi Al Fayed.

Ticketmaster have now announced they are giving 20% off Boyzone concert tickets.
A sad day.

The batteries in Killaloe's remote have obviously died.
Whats pink and goes round and round in circles?

Stephen Gately's suitcase.
There was ayoung man named Gately,
Who hadn`t been too well just lately,
A bottle of rum,
A cokc up the bum,
Then he fell asleep on a bender!
It was announced that there was chocolate found in steven gatelys ringpiece during the post mortem.

It appears that george micheal was careless with his wispa.
Can’t understand why Boyzone fans are upset by jokes about Stephen Gately.

It’s Only Words...


Whats small brown and very very relieved ?

Stephen Gately's gerbil


Dear Louis,

I see myself as a huge fan off your work, but your decision to choose two, annoying pretentious, vile creatures to appear on x-factor has left me totally distraught.
You think these guys have the potential to be better than Boyzone or Westlife?
Over my dead body!!!

Love Stephen


Stephen Gatelys mum said at the grave side that this was the cleanest hole her son had been in for a while.
Back in 2000 i used to work for Ericsson, and their main training centre for AXE10 was out in Dun laoghaire sarf of Dublin. As a few of us were there for 6 weeks, they put us up in a private apartment instead of a hotel. Gately and Keating also had apartments in the same portered/secure building, and very nice it was too. Just about every night the local yoofs could be seen from our balcony throwing bottles at Gatley's balcony, shouting obceneties and suchlike, they hated him apparently. Also according to the girls on guest services in Ericsson, Keating had on more than one occasion been found in bed with another blerk by his missus!
Police have revealed that Stephen Gately may have died of a boxing related injury, a police spokesmen said "he had taken a right pounding in the ring"
Fallschirmjager said:
What will Take That do without him now he's dead?
Who fucking cares?
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