Stephen Gately dead.

For all you Boyzone fans out there, the news is breaking overnight that Stephen Gately has died whilst on holiday in Spain, i'd post a link but i'm on my phone. Let's see how long it is before all the griefwhores start wailing about how good he was! :D :D :D
How ironic. He's been murdering music for years.
Great news for music lovers.
I wonder how long it will be before his partner publishes his "memoirs" -it must come out soon that he was sliding up and down on an X Factor judges pole?
Spanny said:
Did he die from a perforated rectum :?
A perforated rectum won't kill you but the ensuing secondary infection will. Horribly. Therefore, in repsonse to your post, i HOPE he died from a perforated rectum. Horribly.
My 10 year old daughter is in floods of tears. I'm grinning like custard the cat on crack. My fiancee thinks I'm sick. Even in death he's clearly still a cnut.
I'd have turned him given half the chance.

I'd wear black today, but I've got to wear green or the badge will go off his head.
Another terrible loss in a terrible year..
Id had £50 on a Gatley and Jacko duet being number 1 at christmas.
Bloody gutted

Camm1 :D