Stephen Fry - What a Guy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. ....or a worthless pseudo-intellectual homo. Comments please. I reckon, aside from a bit of acting that was written for him, a total cnut.
  2. Irritating, plummy, poseur. Couldn't care less about his bumscratting hobbies, though.
  3. Flabby c*cksucker of no discernible use or talent.
  4. ^^ Heheh, the thick tw@ts are embarassed they can't understand the questions on QI! ^^
  5. The mans a genius in my opinion and should be PM
  6. Irritating - Not to all. I find it irritating when he's asked to do stupid Melchet mannerisms considering BA Goes Fourth finished 21 yrs ago

    Plummy - Of course, but so is half the acting profession. Listen to John Thaw in Morse, it used to make my ears bleed

    Poseur - Possibly, but by definition of being an actor (Theartre, straight TV and comedy) I think it's almost obligitory.

    Pseudo-intellectual - I don't think that he's labelled as an intellectual in the literal sense. He has penned several books none of which can be classed as a serious piece of literature. Most are semi-biographical or works of humorous fiction. He's a bright bloke with a canny ability to quote several poets/writers on a whim. Perhaps that'll be the English Lit Degree from Cambridge? Just a thought!

    I did read somewhere on-line (with no accurate reference) that 'Stephen Fry was once described as the sort of person a non-intellectual would think was an intellectual'

    To get where he is, he found a niche, and that was 'Plummy intelligent public school Homo' It works for him, and me and he has made a lot of money from it. What's distastful about that?

    I suspect he's a genuinely nice bloke who has found that being his eccentric self makes him famous and wealthy.
  7. I think he's a quality guy. Very funny, intelligent yaddayaddayadda. I bet he throws a great party.

    I'm sure he's been discussed on ARRSE already somewhere:
  8. Utter waste of oxygen in my non-intellectual opinion. Along with the rest of the smug twats that make up the cast of QI, way too far up his own arse. And a close friend of our future king - God help us.
  9. Smug obnoxious twat.

    Originally made a mint writing the lyrics (I believe) to Starlight Express but bottled going on stage in the West End and ran away and hid for a week.

    An unutterably smug git.
  10. In some ways I must have admiration for him, he has certainly found a way of sucking his own cock without breaking his back.

    The taste, though, is obviously not worth the exercise, but probably gets the tang of bumjuice off your tongue after a hard night thinking.
  11. Hardly bottled it . . He suffered a breakdown.

    Stephen Fry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. That would be the breakdown he had, coupled with the almost crippling depression he suffers from. Knob.

    Edited to add; Starlight Express? The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical? I'm pretty sure that Fry didn't have anything to do with that. Richard Stilgo wrote the lyrics. What else did the guy in the pub tell you?
  13. But what I was trying to get at... Stephen Fry - the Jean-Paul Sartre of Britain today...perhaps in itself a joke, except people believe it in droves. Possibly an example of average Britain today, yes...slightly suave,moderately wordy deceptive, but essentially worthless.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He has my respect for being an extremely well-read and intelligent bloke, and for coping with his own 'black dog'. I don't like him though, and least of all in a homo stick-your-plonker-in-my-anus way.