Stephen Fry FFS!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stores4Storing, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. Personally, I wouldn't get something quite as tacky.

    But, if you held a gun to my head and made me though I'd probably get the proclaimers tattooed onto my ribcage. For no other reason than to wind men up. "Wanna see my twins?" *pulls shirt up slowly, men get excited, only to reveal a pair of ugly bastards*

    And if I had an OH he'd have to get Billy Connolly tattooed onto his john-thomas... so he could refer to it as "the big yin!"
  2. Her target was to raise £250 for Comic Relief. How much was the 'king tat, it must have cost more than £250?

    Not that I'm suggesting the cost and worth are the same thing here.

    And, this screams attention whore.
  3. I would get the Queen. In First Class Stamp stylee so I could post my self to places and save on the rail fair.
  4. If I where to decorate my body with a tramp stamp I would have a tat of bugs bunny, I'm not saying where but the idea would be to follow the bunny down the hole ;-)

  5. An admirable effort and big well done for raising some money for 'charridy and the poor little kiddies and that'.

    As this is the NAFFI if she'd had it done on her face she could have dramatically improved her looks!

    Note - that is NOT to say I in anyway fancy the gnarled old faggot Stephen Fry
  6. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    I love her justification "...and I've read his autobiography."

    Now off to check how many copies of other slebs' dribblings have been sold and then we can run a book on who's the next poor bugger who's going to have their physog stretched on the deluded's epidermis.
  7. Given that she's 21 years old and that tattoos don't age well, it'll be less a case of The Portrait of Dorian Grey than The Tattoo of Stephen Fry.

    She clearly hasn't thought this through.
  8. Looking at that tat his eyes look like someone has shoved something up his arrs.... Oh, Ok.
  9. To be fair, he almost certainly didn't sit for the tattoo as one might for a portrait, and it's not somewhere that he might have expected to find himself.
  10. Like the stamp idea, I wonder if you had your face done like Maddie, you would make feckin' fortune and get to see mummy naked!!
  11. I would have the logo "if found, return to nearest bar."
  12. Bin Laden on my arsehole.

    not really, cos it would make my eyes water!
  13. Women with tattoo's look as wank as men with earrings do.
  14. small and discreet can be alright. has to be easily hidden. there's nothing worse than seeing a woman in a formal/wedding dress with a great big rose or something shit tattooed onto her arm or neck- even worse women who have tattoos on their cleavage! wtf is that all about!

    I had been thinking last year about getting a small tattoo on my torso of an egyptian eye of horus or an ankh. I didn't go through with it being indecisive and unsure of how the tattoo would age...and after reading this story a couple of weeks ago, boy am I fucking glad I didn't get one! 'Evil' paedophile found guilty of running cul-de-sac sex cult from seaside home | Mail Online