Step by Step guide to getting out.

Hi all,

I am getting out in the near future, I know there are a lot of old and bold and some very usefull people on this forum.

Can anyone give me a step by step guide to getting out, as the army is all I know I am currently in Afghan and I would like to prepare for my departure on my down time.

I am not after abuse or smart comments by individuals just simply a bit of guidance and tips




In my day you just went to your clerk and say I want to sign off. She'd prepare the paperwork and back date it to the day you asked.

Nowadays you log on, and click a button to start the ball rolling.
Book yourself in to see your resettlement Clk immediately on return. Id advise not signing off while in theatre as you may shorten the time you have to prepare for the outside. The Army resettlement process seems fairly good (not used myself but know a few who have). Your entitlements will depend largely on length of service and your unit Clk should be able to advise what these are. You may also like to contact your local AEC to find out what they can offer in support of your future career. Get a hold of JSP 534, chap3, it is far wiser than I.
A lot of units prefer that you ntt via an OC's interview.

Once he is convinced you have made your decision thoughtfully (it doesn't matter anyway as it is ultimately your individual choice ) then he/she gives you the nod to go through the jpa process.

You then may get another interview off the chain of command to make sure you weren't just having a bad day.

That's what I went through recently, as a full screw.


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Harry Black. You need to get your RCMO on the ball with you going. If you are being made redundant, 1st port of call is RAO and then RCMO. Between them they can tell you what you are entitled to. It adds up to quite a lot in terms of time when you add up leave, POTL, resettlement time, free warrents etc. If you are being made redundant and have not committed the money and are not intent of pissing it all away, bar the obligatory leaving piss-up,

If you know what you want to do in civdiv, get the RCMO to book courses accordingly. If you don't know, start thinking !

I recommend you speak to an independant financial advisor who can advise you on lump sum and pension regarding investments etc if you are going to get it.

Send me a PM. I am in the process of planning to get out and have been at it for months.


Here's my top tip; don't leave without getting a copy of your medical records. While you may be hail and hearty now, there's no guarantee that the little niggles and knocks that you've picked-up during your service won't lay you low in the future. Having your own copy of your medical history will trump the system's excuse of "Sorry, can't seem to find your docs. Must have been misfiled somewhere".
Don't leave the Army. Civi street is utter crud. You will be better off staying in. Truth.
Chaps, I am pretty sure the OP, one Harry Black thinks he to be made redundant, he'll know for sure tomorrow at 1230L.

Talk of not signing off might be a bit redundant.

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