Step before Royal Marines?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tk338, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi! this is my first post here, I've been lurking a long time (year or so) on these forums, like many people always dabbling with the idea of joining the military.

    I've talked with some close friends about it and one of them happens to be joining the royal marines, he's being greatly encouraged by the local AFCO, and I can see he's well on his way. I set out to catch him up but its not to be, my current work simply does not allow enough spare time to put in the hours of training required to get to the fitness standard they need. I'm not giving up, but at the same time I only have enough time to exhaust myself once a day and I would like to be moving on from my job as soon as possible not waiting around training for ages for the RM's

    I went to the local AFCO myself and got an interest form for the army. (I'm fully aware the Royal Marines is part of the Navy :)) I'm returning with that filled in and various documents they asked for and I'll go from there.

    But I have 3 questions.

    1. The fitness which will be holding me back from the RM's will I need a similar standard for the army? I can do a 1.5 mile run in 10 minutes, around 30 press ups, and 10 underhand pull ups, sit ups aren't a problem either I can do around about 80 before stopping. Is this suitable? The only test anyone seems to talk about is the 1.5 mile run.

    2. What role would be a good role for possibly going onto the royal marines in a few years? Infantry seem to be the obvious or Paras, but are there any other roles?

    3. I know no day is the same, but is it largely true the Infantry spend 47 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds sitting around, then 30 seconds of contact before another wait?

  2. This is a wah, right? But on the off-chance that you're serious, perhaps you might want to pose your questions to the Royal Marines instead?
  3. No :) Genuinely looking at going into the army first, getting a feel for military life etc, and then look at moving on, I'll check out the link too, thanks!
  4. Don't bother wasting a lot of other peoples time and money on something that you don’t actually want to have a future in.
  5. Both the Royal Engineers and the Royal Artillery have commandos who work very closely with the RM. In the Engineers you can also train for a civvy-useful trade.

  6. Fair point. So how about an army career I can apply for? I could wait for a possible new job to pop up, with a higher wage and less hours, that way I can put in the training I'd need for the RM, but I just think I could end up chasing it for years, something I really don't want to do. If I enjoyed a job in the army I'd stick with it absolutely, is there anything similar out there?

    and Markintime, thanks!
  7. You seem to be under the impression that getting prepped will take every hour God sends.

    It's ridiculously simple. Get your trainers on 5 times a week and increase your pace and distance.

    Bit of gym time for some targeted up body.

    Eat well and cram it in..

    Get out on the piss once a week as normal.

    The rest is in the mind, if you micro manage it, it will become a chore, besides, no amount of phys gets you ready for half the shit that will be thrown at you.
  8. amateur........
  9. I've been trying to follow the get fit to apply thing they have on their website, certainly give me a good workout when I have the time! The general consensus seems to be push for the Marines, so I'll crack on and see what I can do. Cheers guys!
  10. I'm training to be a responsible parent, I'll stick to getting on the pipe in the garage when everyones out
  11. Fcuk me, another suicide walt.
  12. it seems from your vocational vibe m8 that your idea of army infantry is second class to that of the royal marine commandos, ?.....
  13. you are so right ! nothing comes without a sacrifice .If you really want this then you need to focus on how to get it .You might have to give up shifts ,sometimes ,do anything you can to train .A job is not a reason to stop you from training. If you really want it, as you say ,then think ...what does it take ?are you ready for this ? Before ADCS I used all my free time ,just on training .No cinema ,no pubs,no free time .Only training and everybody understood .So think again ,does the job really stop you from training ???But you may want to follow some other advice from arse...,which might be better then mine.Or just moan ,as many does !
  14. Bet your a bag of ******* laughs!

    Ignore shitcunt here, as Ive said make it enjoyable. Plenty of running, if you live in a shithole grab the train to the nearest beauty spot, mix something new into your routine, bit of Muay Thai or some plain old boxing, there are clubs everywhere. Find a mate, race a load of lengths at the local baths then go for a pie and a pint, enter any events you can find, you might be the sack of shit that creeps in last but youve done something worth getting out of bed.

    Dont bin your nights out, get some stodgy homemade shite down your neck at least once a week and aim to piss the bed at least once a month. Sleep is the key and get plenty of water down you.