Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by CptDanjou, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. It always irks me to see people able to shoot guns that I cannot any more hold them incorrectly.

    Sten by the magazine and Bren by the carrying handle in AA mode annoy me the most.

    Both guns that I used in my younger days and cannot even have as semi-autos any more. (Another thing I have against Thatcher.)
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  2. sten1.jpg sten2.jpg

    He does witter on a bit!

    I bought the above deactivated Sten 20 years back and have just stripped (as much as you can with a certified de-ac), cleaned and hot blued it.

    I hope the butcher cried a bit when he milled a 1/4" slot in the receiver and barrel and set to with the welding kit.:x
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  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

  4. You see a lot of WW2 re-enactors holding STENs by the mag. I found out why, they are blank firing and top venting. If you hold it properly you get a handful of burning nitrocelulose. No excuse for that septic though!
  5. Dont start them off.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thee is an FN FAL in the sec 5 sale at Holts
  7. Wordsmith

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    The official historian for SOE (MRD Foot) wrote* about the experiences of a fellow SAS soldier who was dropped into Normandy to create a diversion for the invasion and captured. As a 'commando' he was to be shot as per Hitler's orders. He noticed that the German firing squad was equipped with captured Sten guns. Knowing they were accurate only at short range he legged it into a wood and escaped the fusillade that followed.

    Foot went on to say one reason so many Stens were dropped to the resistance was that they were very cheap to make. And as many of the resistance had no opportunity to learn to fire on a range, the lack of accuracy didn't matter anyway - the best they were going to do was point the Sten in the direction of the Germans, fire off a magazine and hope.

    * Resistance - An Analysis of European Resistance to Nazism 1940-1945 (1977)
  8. Anyone know the reasoning behind having the magazine to the side? Same with Lanchester and mp34?

  9. Fire from the prone position.
  10. Believe it, or believe it not; back in the day the mein host of a gun shop and range was propping up the counter with the regulars and in walks an unknown Herbert.

    "Hello", says Herbert, "I'd like to buy some .22 ammunition, please".

    [cloth cap wearing accent]"Do you have a ticket lad"[/cloth cap wearing accent]?

    "A what"? Asks Herbert dumfounded.

    [cloth cap wearing accent]"A licence to buy, possess and own............yap, yap, yap"[/cloth cap wearing accent].


    [cloth cap wearing accent]"Ah, well then I can't sell you any. Errrr, what do you want it for"[/cloth cap wearing accent]?

    "Well, I'm a machinist and I've got my own lathe and mill at home aswell and I just built a scale model of a Sten gun and made it to fire .22", explains herbert proudly.

    To explain, a couple of the counter proppers were actually police officers so the RFD had no choice in what followed. They explained to the obviously totally oblivious Herbert that what he had done was illegal in the extreme as the law stood and that if he bought the said homemade sten into the dealer within the hour there would be no further action and total anonymity. He did, nearly crying. It was a fecking marvel, about 2/3 size and fully functioning........errrr, that's an assumption, he was not allowed to put a box of .22 through it before it was locked away and nobody else had a magful thru it either, honest. I tell you if he could have made them and sold them I know loads of blokes who would have bought one as a talking piece for the sh*d gatherings.

    Then there was the bloke who was making silencers out of 28mm plumbing pipe and washers...................
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  11. Can anybody tell me why they did away with the wooden foregrip on the MkVs after WW2?

  12. Fair enuff, logical now I switch my brain on.
  13. The were apt to become detached at awkward moments.
  14. Cheers BB.