Stella killed another dog

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. I've just had a semi drunken Auntie Stella on the phone blubbing that he'd killed ANOTHER puppy.

    The RSPCA need to hear abotu the Brummie doggy killer. This is about the fifth. He said that he came down stairs and found a boxer pup chewing his new Cherokee trainers from Tescos...... he slapped it and said authoritively 'No!' it ignored him, so being a short tempered cnut he booted it and it smashed its head off the bannister killing it instantly.

    He is fretting about what to tell the kids in the morning.

    He did similar with a budgie not lont ago and went through about four before he relaised that when one died you had to degunge the cage.

    Puppy slaying budgie murdering cnut
  2. It's all true except the method of death. I actually beat the one puppy to death with another puppy. Bit of a cunt really as that means I am now £1400 down.

    On the upside I have just texted MDN's missus about his various affairs with site munters and use of prostitutes in The Dam, so my Karma is now equalised
  3. She read that text and asked why it was written in Bangladeshi with no thumbs.

    Remember, Jesus hates fibbers and puppy killers.
  4. Jesus hated me a long time ago.

    What happened to Sherlock the Lab by the way? Dead before his time by any chance?
  5. nope, died an old happy man........ no shovel injuries!

    unlike your lercher
  6. It's "Lurcher" you illiterate monkey

    No shovel wounds to Sherlock, I'll give you that. 9 mill to the head on the range though? :)
  7. .9 mill?

    thats not a very big bullet....... Sooner be illiterate and mispell a dogs name that shoot something with a .9 mill round.

    Thats why you were never allowed anything more complex than a bowser and a bedford
  8. Speaking as a righteous man of God, I should just point out that animals, like whores, are for killing.

    Deviticus Ch8 V7
    That'll do for me cocker!
  9. The stella family have been through more pets than dales had c0ck.

    your only encouraging him
  10. You weren't even allowed those, being brew bitch to the Q and driver for a gay medic doesn't make you big or clever you know.

    Anyway, going back to the recently murdered Sherlock, moving a full stop to make 9 mill to .9 mill doesn't lessen your heneous canine killing capers. He'll be back to haunt you you know.
  11. The way I see it is, for every maimed and broken pet, theres a heartbroken child.
    Thats gotta be a good thing.
  12. it'd be nice to see him, I miss him......... You can't say the same for that lurcher you kicked to death. It wouldn't come back to haunt your for fear of being 'afterlife harmed'

    Wicked man........ I've not even mentioned the kitten yet, mainly because they are born to be peeled.

    Sandman....... I actually believe he likes seeing his nippers upset, why else would you hurt the pets they love.

    Imagine the looks on their faces when they come down for school in the morning to find a dead puppy, kitchen full of guts, and Stella asleep on the couch with a tin of wifebeater balanced on his derby and a bollok hanging out the side of his stained shreddies
  13. Fuck the kitten, all cats deserve to be killed before birth, vile fucking useless creatures. I am busy at the moment inventing a kitten mincing machine in order to feed the survivng puppies.

    At least if my Lurcher came back he would only have to stay kicking distance away, can't say the same for Sherlock who would have to Zig Zag his way around Blackpool with you blatting at him like a mong.
  14. Thats as maybe, but you didn't have to kill them in front of a 4 and 6 year old. Especially after they'd bonded and loved them

  15. No, not cruel, I made them skin it and eat it afterwards.

    A practical lesson on "The Circle of Life"