Stella Artois Mast System

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Recipe:

    One table
    One carboard box
    Two Blue-Ray disc boxes
    three books
    One Stella Artois pint glass
    1.5m USB cable
    One USB dongle

    1. Place box on table, add disk boxes ontop
    2. Then add the books on top of this pile
    3. Very important step, please be careful not to spill a drop. Drink the Stella and place EMPTY glass on top of pile.
    4. Assemble USB dongle and cable as per manufacturers instructions. Then dangle the dongle in the pint pot. Ensure the dongle is vertical it beats horizontal all the time in low single areas (worked wonders in Brecon last week)

    Coming next: the Yagi mobile phone system using army issue KFS .....
    and: Long distance WI-FI connections (ok this bit is real but it sounded daft enough - using metal objects to reflect/concentrate the WIFI signal, apparently it can go for several miles and is legal. Some UNIX geeks have one just up the road from me.......)

    I need to start drinking again....... (ok, no I don't)

    p.s. I am using the Stella thingy, as its taken my signal from Low to Excellent
  3. is this the Stella 'chalice' type pint glass or just the regular tall glass?
  4. Only 10_2 at this end...... swinging now!
  5. If I only have dvd boxes will the signal quality be lower ?
  6. p69, try box sets.

    obviously tall glass, 1.2 pint glass with a stem might also work. Saying that I'm back down to low this morning, must be that D-Day book I took to bed to read
  7. Have you seen the ad at the bottom of this page :)
  8. ELCAN UK wins UK fist bid?????
  9. no it was for usb dongle wifi reflector systems
  10. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Pushing WiFi signals out to a long distance is quite easy, google Cantenna
  11. Havent left a DVD in the case, have you?
  12. Do you think the dvd would be attenuating the signal ?
  13. Depends if it's a pirate copy