Steering problem on bike...........

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by HH_2, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Ok I lied it's not a bike it's a 125 scooter but the principles similar I guess.

    Basically over the last couple of days I've noticed my steering become really light and unsteady particularly when breaking and going over bumps or white road markings when wet etc, seems to wobble rather than being solid. Very unsteady under breaking, the steering moves and shakes rather than being solid like it had been.

    Wondered if anyone knew why that might be happening, and if i need to get myself down the garage (digs into the wallet again...........)
  2. Dunno, but use a hammer on it. Failing that, definatly go to a garage
  3. Is the front wheel tight? Is there any movement in the front wheel bearing? Are you sober when riding it?
  4. Wheel bearings
    Steering head bearings
    Several possible causes, if you haven't much experience fixing bikes you are beter off taking it into a garage to be looked at.
  5. Avoid... breaking and going over bumps or white road markings when wet etc,. Should sort it for you.
  6. Start with simple stuff,
    Check Tyre Pressures, are they correct (Cold) as to manufacturerts spec.
    How worn are your tyres? If close to wear limt, that may cause some of your symptoms.
    Check wheel alignment, are front and back in line?
    Get it (Can`t bring myself to say Bike) onto center stand, lift front wheel from ground, push bars onto full lock, either way, and push on outside of wheel at 9 and 3 o` clock, feel for movement. If any, wheel bearing defective
    Next, grab bottom of forks, and push/pull, again feel for movement or knocking noises.If any detected, steering head bearings lose/defective

    Hope this helps
  7. As already mentioned, I'd go with tyres. When you brake the weight loads up the front of the bike, so steering shouldn't be more 'light' than usual.
  8. Kurgen has got the list of stuff to check.Easy to check visually and with few if any tools.

    Start with the simple stuff like tyre pressure and tyre wear and work your up from not just concentrate on the front end though,sometimes the problem could be elsewhere on the bike.....high wear on the rear tyre for example.
  9. Was it one of those cheap internet made in china ones? If so, scrap the whole thing and start again.
    From your description I would suspect bearings and most likely steering head ones but could be something else loose. Check as already advised but Id advise not to ride it until you have it fixed.
  10. I would agree with that!! :p

    Seriously though, I would say bearings too. Should be easy enough to lift the front wheel off the ground and grab the wheel. Give it a good wobble.

    Head bearings will mean the whole front wheel assembly will move, right upto the handlebars.

    Wheel bearings will have just the wheel moving.

    Also spin the wheel and see if it spins freely or if it wobbles/makes a grinding noise etc. JUst look for any movement/noise that should not be there.

    Another thing to check is the nut holding on the wheel to the front axle (if its a single sided scooter wheel that is).

    But for god sake, dont ride it until you have it sorted. I know two people who have been killed when front wheels came off of scooters/bikes :cry:
  11. It has been known for steering problems to be caused by the nut that holds the handlebars to the seat.