Steely eyed dealer of death (to sheep)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 6, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    What an interesting batch of skeletons have come out of the closet!

    Who (and you know who you are:oops: ) winged a sheep with his rover and had to finish the job with his bare hands....

  2. Two threads on this? You're persistance to locate the culprit is inspiring.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I heard a rumour :wink:

  4. Best two I have seen were the effects of 9mm spotting rounds on a sheep - instant BBQ. Other was LR meets horse. LR travelling down lane near the Plain on BGT on way to TEWT (or pub), horse decides no longer wants to be in stable yard and makes bid for freedom. LR provides horse with freedon by hitring it at 30 mph... big mess, dead horse, bits of horse hair picked out of LR for days.
  5. Bloody Deer are the problem round my neck of the woods, driving back from the TAC, two miles away from my house in a rural area (after driving for thirty odd miles though the most deer and sheep infested countryside known to man) and out springs a beast hell bent on a kamikaze attack on my wagon.

    Surprisably big dents for such a small beast at 40mph.
  6. I know a sgt who was flagged down by a female motorist who had hit a deer
    which was injured . She did not know what to do with sad doe eyed creature
    :D . He did slit its throat thre it in back of truck and had it for supper .
    Motorist was bit stunted thought he was going to phone rspca or somthing :lol:
  7. the job i'm doing now involves assessing accident damaged cars in a crash repair centre for an insurance company , and every spring/summer it's f**king carnage , the sh*t i have to pull out from behind bumpers/bonnets etc has to be seen to be believed , and yes ...... at 40mph , bambi can write your motor off !!!
  8. A friend of mine lives in the cotswolds and while driving across the common crashed into a cow....not only did the sight of a great piece of beef on her bonnet traumatise her for months, but she wrote the car off AND got fined £700 by the council for damage to the animal!
  9. It's great, if you hit a deer it's illegal to pick it up and take it with you, but if you "find" a dead/dying dear then it's free game so to speak.
  10. Once hit a wild boar in Deitcherlant with a beetle (I was in the beetle not the boar :D ) anyway, after a few seconds of being stunned batstard got up and started gauging fcuking holes in bodywork with razor sharp tusks. Car was a fcuking write off :cry:
  11. should have reversed back a bit and do it properly :lol: