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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ronin(GE), Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. There will a couple a new "beasts" in the next update:

    SB Pro PE 2.620

    (Note: the picture gallery will be updated allmost daily till the release date)
  2. Refreshed map. Not really related to the comming update, but some exellent "fanwork".:


    I think some may recognize the terrain ;)
  3. eSimGamesDtl's Channel - YouTube

    New video.
    What can be seen:
    -gunnery and interior Leo2A4
    -gunnery and interior T-72M1
    -use of FO, HE-artillery strike
    -new ARV(Bergepanzer-2 or "Wisent") and Ambulance(on "Boxer" basis)
  4. (regimental art. group)

    in the sandy place

    in central europe
  5. additional Info about the 2S1:

    They are basicly an"artwork" update, so the will not have indirect fire option. So they will mainly work as targets and to help identify certain enemy formations.
    :-( (guess implmenenting a whole arty(firing tables, sensors, fire-control structure etc etc ) system is more work then they could do till now)

    They will however be able to defend themselfes with direct fire...and in this way are also somewhat useable as assault guns ;-)
  6. New video showing the gunnery on the T-72M1 / M1 and the CR2
    Well, I know...the makers of this movie need some history lessons, and we are still stuck with yankee turret-talk in the CR2, but me thinks it still looks nice.

    SB Pro PE 2.6 - Desert Storm - YouTube
  7. The newest addition: the MRAP6x6