Steelbeasts getting more Uk equipment.

Well, they have been slow to produce that new version...but after some delay it's ready:

Wait for months and I've been dragged off on bloody holiday (not entirely complaining clearly) now got to sip Pena Colladas (sic?) and wait it out. Ride the wave of ere where's your washing do this do that and some how get the upgrade downloaded before she creams in for the night once we get back. I will then Blaim Jetlag for being up all night :). SB is a remarkable thing. The mission editor is mighty powerful once you have the degree required to use it. Got to admit best funnage is online with a mate (so true of other things :) ). Both crusty ex bods. We setup a scenario trying to get a BG across a heavily defended and mined river crossing on Salisbury plain. Thus far about 30 attempts with staggering failure rate lol. Now with improved path finding due to the terrain mapping things might improve. The Steelbeasts forum is a good place to look.

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