Steel Beasts (warning - quite nerdy)

Discussion in 'RAC' started by TVEDU_RED, Mar 23, 2005.

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    At the risk of appearing like a complete geek, played this game years ago and thought it was properly good. It appears they are making a second one - still no Challengers/Warriors/Scimitars in sight though, apparently the MOD are refusing to give any details on the measurements of the turret or the sighting system of any of our armoured vehicles.

    The game still looks pretty good though... Sorry I'll now take off my nerd hat and order a round of beers. :oops:
  2. We are doing a trial on it now with a view to getting a Brit version to enhance our training.
  3. Will it include realistic upgrades the day it enters service? Or will the vehicle chassis be older than any of the Games makers? Or better still be crap in the desert and need millions spending on upgrades? Will the ability to communicate will be limited to Mobile phones and PRR radios?We look forward to the UK versions with Challenger/CVR(T)/Warrior.
  4. OOOO, very nice...
  5. Could do with some CR2 shots for models.
  6. With all due respect to the really quite decent graphics of the OFP mod, that's a game, and SB is a sim.

    The thing about SB (Sold already, I should add, to a number of militaries) is that the designers do not model a vehicle as playable unless they are damned sure they're getting the details absolutely right. It's lead to all sorts of complaints from the gaming community because the M2 is modelled as human-playable and the BMP isn't, and so on.

    We (The SB community) would dearly love to see British vehicles, but the designers are limited by the fact that (a) they don't have access to the vehicles, and (b) they don't have access to crewmen able to tell them everything they need to know to model it.

    The other problem is that their priorities, reasonably enough, are in the direction of what earns them money. So they may be adding some obscure detail for the Australian army which only real Australian Leo1A5AS gunners would even think of, whilst completely ignoring the British equipment. At this time 'saleability' is seriously reduced in favour of reality. And this is reflected in the price. SB Pro Personal Edition will retail for about $125US. And I'll be buying it with no hesitation. (I'm on the beta team, so I know how good it is!)

  7. I've been waiting for the new one for ages... there, I've said it, I'm nerdy... lol!
  8. [​IMG]

    Why is the cyclist trying to pedal along while the stand on the bike is down? :D
  9. The guy on the bike ...........why is he cycling with his stand down?
  10. Two replys asking why the bike stand is down.

  11. Can a third person ask why the guy on the bike is cycling with his stand down please. Four or five would be a bonus.