STEAM Profiles

If you go>>

Groups > Search > Type in "British Army".

Some lovely profiles in there. Some lovely pics of folks. A few Walts also.

Anyone know "Gronn"?? :D

May be wise for these folks to review a little Persec.
Cardiff, Cardiff, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hello Everyone, im Evultoad. I Currenly Serve the British Army in her many wars..... :(
Im 20 years
old and have been playing CounterStrike for about 6 years now. Untill recently I havent had the chance to play regularly.

I Like to think im a nice bloke, but if you piss me off then as they say in the army "STAND BY".

Methinks he is a little more fixated by his game world than reality

Fookin signals wannabe turd that he is, to name but a few I found, I would say that is a site dedicated to the Walt and wannabe more than just games.

Did you not find it amazing just how many of "them" find the time to register and play the games on that site?
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