Steam Generators

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Litotes, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. I have had two Tefal steam generators fail on me in the last 3 years - and they aren't cheap, although I love the way they steam flat the most difficult of creases!

    I am reluctant to buy Tefal again... can anyone recommend a suitable steam generator?

  2. do JML do a copy?
  3. My wife uses the Tefal steam generator, I think we have had 3 in 4 years because of the problems with the insulation on the steam cord failing. We found that it started to wear near the point it came into the iron. Getting it repaired cost nearly as much as a decent iron.

    Polti make an alternative, good quality steam iron. This is the same company that makes the top of the range steam cleaners. We had one a few years ago that lasted longer than the Tefal. Unfortuantely they are expensive. On reflection it would have probably been cheaper in the long run to have replaced it with another Polti
  4. polti is excellent. had one for years. no probs.
  5. I bought one in B&Q, usually designed for DIY wallpaper removal, but has various attachments.

    I've used it for:

    Wallpaper removal
    defrosting freezers
    Cleaning clothes, curtains and tents
    Steaming out creases etc
    Steam cleaning car upholstery and boot.

    Its pretty powerful. has a big tank on it, but don't ever let it fall over, as if the element is exposed to air,(ie: not immersed in water) it burns out.

    Paid £19.99 for it
  6. I've had a Morphy Richards one for years.

    Its still going strong and it was the cheapest one available when I bought it.
  7. I bought a cheap one in tesco 10 years ago, still going strong.
    You always find the cheap and nasty ones tend to be abit more robust than the expensive gizmo ones.

    I find its the same with watches, I've had the same casio watch since i was 13.
  8. Thanks, guys! I haven't seen any really cheap steam generators in B&Q or Tesco recently!

    I will look at the Polti, though.

  9. Rowenta



    did you look very hard? comet/currys also do the Tefal stuff.

    Quite honestly, the Bosch will go wrong, the philips is overpriced and the Rowenta is very overpriced but will probably be ok.

    Tefal, they go wrong a lot.

    I used to sell these things... *shudder*
  10. i bought a cheap one lasted me years then joined up and it went man down during basics!
  11. Just keep getting them replaced.

    I refer the honourable gentleman to SOGA.

    Sale of Goods Act


    Essentially you have a six year warranty although the onus changes at the six month point.