Steam Game Rust

Thought Id start a thread on this game I'm obsessed with it like to play, from a Player to Map & Prefab Creator, now a Small time YouTuber.

Currently on PC

Coming to Consoles soon as well

This isnt my youtube channel lol

Been playing this game over two years now, I'm still useless at PVP but can build........

Trap Base's

CCTV Surveillance System

Base Defences

New Mobile Phone App Guides

Currently I have started to make a Monument Prefab using "Rust Editor"


There will be electrics for doors and puzzles plus mean scientists around the decks.

Spent an absurd amount of time playing it, was awful at PvP but the laughter I'd get taking out some armed up twat as he came through the door with my flint pistol was worth it...
Problem is some of the servers were so toxic it sucks the enjoyment out if it.
Had a clan of three camp my base and told me to move, I spend 11 hours smashing a rock off their base and singing down the mic. They quit the server
Anyone remember Age Of Empires ? Well just after the lockdown started I found out steam had AOE3 The Complete Collection and it's only now after almost 3 months that I've become slightly bored with it . Here's what the gameplay looks like

Nostalgia is as addictive as any drug , but nostalgia doesn't really come in to it. About 20 years the video game developers probably had the perfect mix between graphics and playability

Making the Dragon to go on the side of the Ship
Its along way to do it, make using the ground to mark the shape, filling in black items (cargo containers) adding red then reducing the size down

With Consoles on its way thought I'd get a good "how to Vid" out with a bit of Cyberpunk catchy tune

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