Stealthy JSF?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Gook, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. I heard somewhere that JSF is meant to be "stealthy".

    Now does anyone know if its going to be proper stealthy a la F117/B2, as in "na-na-na-na-na-na you cant see me" stealthy - because it doesn't look like it has the crazy lines of the Spirit/Nighthawk and surely the Spams would have hushed it up, put it at Area 51 and painted it black by now!

    Or will it be more like a-bit-reduced-radar-cross-section a la B1 Lancer and Eurofighter. As thats a bit more believable really isn't it. I couldnt really see the RAF having stealthy STOVL attack aircraft to replace Harrier for CAS, but having their Typhoon fighter-bombers and interceptors still getting painted by radars like crazy... Shame, 2 aircraft carriers full of stealth fighters would've really fcuked up whoever we wanted - if we get CVF!

    Oh yeh and anyone know if F22 is proper stealthy or just-a-bit-lower-observable too, as if it really is going to be as good as invisible then why the hell are we buying Typhoon?!

  2. The JSF is stealthy-ish


    And not totally unlike the raptor in looks


    only the JSF can do this


    Its stealthy enough to sneak up behind you and take a bite out of your curly wurly when you aren't looking
  3. It's supposed to be quite staelthy, basically an adaption of the F-22, built by the same people. We're buying Typhoon because we've been running with it for 15-20 years already, it's partly British built, the F-22 is running behind the Typhoon for production (heard the US were considering a number of Typhoons as a stop gap) and the F-22 is about 2-3 times the cost per aircraft.
  4. Like this?

    *Edited because I am a mong trying to upload pictures...
  5. Does the non-STOVL version have swing-wings like the Tornado then? And are we getting any, or are we just buying the jump jet version?
  6. Three variants.


    This is the CTOL (Conventional Launch & Landing) that the RAF and USAF will be buying, intended for places where there are long runways and no need for STOVL or aircraft-style tailhocks.


    This is the STOVL (Vertical Launch & Landing) variant that the RN and the USMC will be buying.


    Basic variant is is designed for the US Navy which has a tailhock-style system for landing, can be operated on a catapult-style system for take off and has fold-able wings for close-quaters on aircraft decks.
  7. Erm so the RAF aren't going to get the STOVL one? So how will it replace Harrier?
  8. The RAF and RN are going to share the 150 STOVL JSF as part of Joint Force Harrier, or whatever it gets renamed once the F35 has a decent name.

    The US F35s are going to be fully Stealthy, but the export "International" versions are probably going to be a lot less so.
  9. It will have to replace Harrier as there will be none left after the fu@kwits at what used to be TTTE wreck any more airframes.
  10. 307

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    Rapier can ping F-117s so....
  11. Why would the RAF need VSTOL, these days??
  12. F117-s are so-called first generation stealth. B2s are second generation, as they are just as if not more stealthy than the Nighthawk, but withouth the weird wedge shape. So I guess the next generation of fighters are probably going to be almost as stealthy without the need to go all angly again. Or so I read somewhere...
  13. Ah so now its all STOVL. Shame, the RAF could do with a STOVL one as a Harrier replacement, and the RN could do with a regular version, since CVF will be capable of taking cats and arrester cables etc.

    Don't they do a swing-wing one, as the naval version is going to have to be a full-on fighter for air-to-air, as well as a bomb-dropper for CAS?

    Edited: I think STOVLs a good idea for a the RAF to have in attack aircraft like the Harrier and the replacement F35s. They've got a Harrier det over in Afghanistan, they only need a relatively small space to defend instead of a massive runway too. If you fought a conventional war you could keep on moving them up easily behind the FEBA and hiding them in woods or industrial estates or whatever and you've not got to build a runway all the time. The USMC like the idea so much they use Harriers rather than A10s.

    And can F117s or B2s or other stealthy aircraft really get painted that easily? What really happened at that airshow with the Rapier, and what happened that time one got downed in Serbia??!
  14. We are getting a fighter this stealthy?
  15. 307

    307 War Hero

    what? Are you mashed up?