Stealth tech from BAE

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by blastedglute, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Stealth is the fast becoming the more overly used word to describe the latest gear created because if Stealth was genuine the F117A would never have been shot down so there is flaws with the concept and hype surrounding the genre / term
  2. Not really..

    It does exactly whats it supposed to do which is reduce the radar signature..the beam focused on the object doesn't come straight back as its reflected hence 'reduce'.. No one said that its completely invisible..If you had the technology then the enemy would be a world of hurt..

    If you know what your looking for because you expect it and are analyzing the return signal above and beyond what you would do normally then yes you would see it, or at least see enough to investigate further..Speed/heading etc

    So 'Stealth' concept its not flawed, it wasn't supposed to be totally invisible
  3. It is a buzz word of kit programs at the moment espechialy with these expensive new planes like the F22 & F35 i'd love to see what would happen if the Russians or another non western power came up with either a radar or a tactic to get a better signal return from stealth aircraft so they're no longer stealth. making them hyper expensive typhoons and super hornets.

    I always thought stealth is a bit overrated although its brilliant tech for something like a small number of bombers like the B2 or perhaps a small feet of F35's but i don't think theres the need for hundreds of them as nato and the west are unlikley to get it to a war where after the first day or so the enemies air defence is gone and simple cheaper planes like the super hornet and harriers can provide the same support on the cheap usefull if you'll be operating out of the arse end of nowhere with limited resources.
  4. Counter measures will overtake any stealth technology, the cost will outstrip it's usefullness.
    Drones seem to be the way ahead, small cheap throw away almost, and no-one gets paraded on Al jazeera when it gets shot down.

  5. Stealth .. a fashionable term for companies to excessively charge you for the right to use ..
  6. I'll agree with you there. It definitely does not have the same effect seeing a bunch of ak wielding ethnics jumping up and down on a ton and a half of scrap aluminum on the news.
  7. BAE are at the cutting edge of stealth technology, they have currently managed to lose 3,000 of their employees, nobody has a ******* clue where they are!
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  8. True