Stealth Fighter retires at 25

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ord_Sgt, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

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    I still think of it as slightly futuristic somehow... Does that make you feel old or what 8O
  2. the wobbly goblin.

    they only made a production run of 60,
    lost one or two on ops and a few in training, and the wing fell off one at Farnborough air show whilst pulling a measly 4G maneuver.
    there plobly not that many left in decent condition for service in enough numbers to justify the costs.
    god knows why they called it a fighter with an F suffix instead of an A for attack, as it can only carry bombs.
    with the aerodynamics of a tin of baked beans, it flew like a brick, at a subsonic speed with not that much of a range.
    it was ok for use against 3rd world nations with old kit, but the latest radars can detect the wake vortex that all aircraft leave behind.
  3. 25 is a pretty good run for an aircraft of it's era IMHO. Bear in mind that for all of its development and a fair part of its early service it was almost a figment of peoples' imagination.

    I have to agree with you, I also think of it as futuristic. Its main drawback being its low observability was entirely radar-based and wasn't at all low-observible in daylight, which is where the technology used in the F-22 and JSF programmes are aimed. Time will tell how effective this is.
  4. Wasnt the F-117 roumoured as the 'F-19'?

  5. Is that the Farnborough near Baltimore, Maryland, USA? :roll:
  6. Not great compared with
    In service May 1951 - June 2006 55 years!

    25 years ago we were still waiting for Tornado to come into service (ISD 1982) and I think that'll be in service a good while yet.

    I think that F117 probably wasn't actually all that good or useful as others have suggested. It was pioneering but had no day capability - I've heard it said that a Piston engined 1940s fighter could take one on with confidence in daylight.
  7. oops, sry, had my mind on two things while typing,

    i bend over for my slap.
  8. "it was ok for use against 3rd world nations with old kit"

    Bit like Martinis against assagis.
    I understand they lost one in one of the Yugo wars, when an enterprising OC air defence 'worked out' how to track one in a special situation.
    Good aircraft look forward to 'seeing' it's succsessor.
  9. I read that was the Kosovo campaign wasn't it? a MIG-29 Fulcrum was in the right place at the right time & got a visual on the F-117.
    the serbs gave most of the wreckage to the Russians I belieave. some parts are in a museum in Serbia (belgrade?), I remember seeing s photo of the F-117 canopy in it.
  10. I think the B52 out does the Canberra by about twelve months?
  11. B-52 Maiden flight 15 April 1952, In service 1955
    Canberra Maiden flight 13 May 1949, In service 1951

    The rate the B-52 is going, it will out live it.
  12. Yeah ok my maths was a bit pants.... I reckon the B-52 will be around another couple of decades.
  13. interesting pics. the septics should have droped a cluster bomb or two on the crash site.