Stealth Cuts - infantry take another pounding.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JSPrest, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. Yet again we suffer from stealth cuts. The TA is to be cut from 15 inf Bn's to 14.

    But worse still the remaining Bn's are to be cut to 2x rifle Coys (from the normal 3). Despite being 86% of established strength and the regulars crying out for troops to deploy with them on ops.

    This equates to the loss of 3 and 2/3 battalions (14 rifle Coys). Is anybody in charge???? Or are we in freefall on the spiral to lunacy. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. Welcome to labour's defence policy :roll:

  3. There's a policy?

    What is the gen on the lost Coys? Re-roling parades or disbandment drink ups?

    (To be honest I concur with JSP esq's analysis - it doesn't really matter where they go if they're going. Just in the spirit of G2 you understand).
  4. The cut of one Bn was announced during FAS but this loss of Coys is a bit worrying, are you sure its not a restructuring? i.e. the Coy as it stands (2 rifle & 1 support pln) is to change to proper coy (larger coy HQ, 3xrifle and maybe a support pln)
  5. Is anyone surprised!!!They will probably do, what they did to our local T.A. a few years back.Pull down the buildings and give the land to developers...

    The nearest T.A. is now some miles away. :cry:
  6. Polar I wish you were right. We are going from a large Bn of 2 rifle, support wpn and HQ coys down to 2xrifle 1 support and 1 hq coy.

    We are drawing down from a full bn to 400 ish troops. They are calling it restructuring. I call it cuts!!!!
  7. The cynic in me suspects that the motive behind this might be a much-trumpeted 'expansion' of the TA in the near future in which they give us all an extra company.
    Hoorah :roll:
  8. Which is why our old Charley Coy is now a Tesco's car park?
  9. The cut in establishment may be based on the fact that in reality a coy turns out a platoon+ on a training weekend, and a bn weekend FTX = a composite coy + Bn HQ. So are they just trying to face facts?
    This can go one of two ways:
    1 Coys ruthlessly shed their non-attenders and so have an establishment for their soldiers who actually do turn up
    2 The reduced coys still keep the same proportion of regular attenders vs sporadic and non attenders - in which case the idea is a non starter.

    With (1) PSAOs and OCs have to be totally on the ball with the manning issue, and the factors that keep the guys in (effective management of training, career issues etc). If they take their eye off it even the once, it'll be very hard to get it back.

    More important is this: the MTDs used by the regular attenders are subsidised by those allocated to the rest, who don't turn up.
    By lowering the establishment they may be acknowledging that fact - and trying to reduce the budget - i.e. less establishment = less MTDs to go around. In other words less effective regular attenders as they will just get the standard allocation of MTDs.

    F~cking arrse. You can always count on the regular soldier to fight to the last drop of TA blood.
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Heartfelt plea here –

    Anyone who is ‘downsized’, or who finds their local TAC closed – PLEASE try another Unit. Loads of us jumped ship when the last round of Infantry butchery took place, and we have been very well looked after by, in our case, the REME. We re-traded, kept rank, got more money, and got deployed very successfully in our new roles.

    We became, mostly, Regimental specialists (basically Infantry), Driver RadOps (again, easy for most Inf) and – mostly – Recovery Mechanics, which is an interesting Trade, plenty of digging to keep your hand in, but no carry heavy weights for long distances (unless you like that kind of thing 8O ). It’s also a Trade that you can do without needing to be a ‘vocational’ member, i.e. anyone can learn it via the TA system, which is something that’s VERY hard for other REME trades, such as Vehicle Mechanic or Vehicle Electrician (although it’s possible – just).

    Also, more Money (did I already mention this?), of course and, importantly, getting used in Trade on Ops. No standing around in sangars or w@nking gates up and down any more for us :D

    Anyone needs to know more? PM me, please
  11. 2nd that, I did the same to a Signal Regiment. Our skills were apreaciated and the majority of us gained promotion very quickly (ignoring comms part - we had better all round skills). Didn't get more money tho :(

  12. I hesitate to say 'watch for the vultures' but...

    we're not even dead in our graves yet Old Snowy! Have some decorum!

    Yeah? I must have been dreaming every time I went to Umm Qasr and saw a certain Pnr regt RLC stagging on for six months then..
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Pioneers? Can't say I'm surprised - stagging on IS part of their Trade :) None of our Men/women were used outside Trade, and still aren't. simply aren't enough of them in the Regs to go around.

    As to being premature here - well, if we can get organised in time it may look to the poor Toms as if there is actually some joined-up, grown-up thinking behind this....... :roll:

    And to follow on from Polar, Infantry skills are pretty transferable - a good Soldier is a good Soldier, Trade comes second (no matter what some might say).
  14. I was under the impression that this had already happened. As of October last year in fact. MTDs are no longer transferable and those unused MTDs are returned to the overall budget by Bde/Div. This is, I am given to understand, one of the benefits of the transparent computer accounting systems which enables Bde/Div staff to govern units and subunits with a 'long-handled screwdriver' as my CO put it.
  15. That'd be impossible to work with, I always exceed my allowance (turn up nearly every weekend, sometimes do two camps etc).
    So if we truely followed this policy, later on this year (well b4 crimbo) no NCO/Officers would be able to turn up for training as they had no MTDs left, only recruits but who would train them?