Stealth Bail Hostels

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, May 1, 2008.

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  1. "Channel 4 News can reveal for the first time the location of all 150 bail hostels run by the private company Clearsprings that won the government contract to to house low risk offenders on early release from prison or on bail.

    Opponents say the hostels - mainly regular houses in ordinary streets - are being opened without consultation with local residents and, unlike probation service hostels, don't provide 24-hour supervision of their residents. Our political correspondent, Cathy Newman, has been to Enfield in north London, where at least 13 of the hostels have opened in the most deprived part of the borough.

    Enfield says it was dismayed to find it has no fewer than 13 bail hostels run by Clearsprings. Councillor Ertan Hurer says the local authority wasn't consulted and worries about a public backlash.

    So why pick on Enfield? Councillors suspect it is because it is cheap to rent houses here, so Clearsprings saves money. They have written to the government complaining a sudden influx of offenders just out of jail risks exacerbating an existing problem with drugs and gang violence.

    Channel 4 News visited some of the Enfield hostels. Householders who had met their new neighbours complained about noise and anti-social behaviour. Those who hadn't were alarmed at what might lie ahead.

    In bail hostels run by the public sector there's at least one supervisor on site 24 hours a day. But the government insists people in Clearsprings hostels don't need supervision because they're not a big risk to the public."

    You could not make it up.
  2. Nothing new there, firms like Urban Associates, Avon Housing etc have been doing the same thing in Bristol and Bath for a few years. The companies buy property, covert it into bedsits and away they go. One week and nice suburban street, next an instant crack house! The first most residents even notice these places is because of the increase in traffic, damage to property/vehicles and in some cases threats and violence from the occupants in the street. Plod are pretty powerless to do anything and in at least one location in Bristol the local residents sorted the problem themselves with baseball bats and sledge hammers.
  3. It's why god invented petrol bombs.
  4. :)

    Every one a classic.


    Don't ever change baby.

  5. I shall never change... until I get into power... and then... no more Mr nice guy!!!
  6. It will be interesting to see if the great british public kick up a fuss like they did over Norton House.
  7. Dont think it exists anymore....
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    You get my vote!.

    Any vacancies for Lord High Executioner?.
  9. Gentlemen, I believe we have found our new Justice Minister, after the Glorious Arrse Coup. :twisted:
  10. I believe it was a similar bail hostel (though nothing to do with clearsprings) that resulted in the notorious Craig Sweeny child abduction/rape case.

    That was in a relatively nice area (the hostel that is) and the locals couldn't get anything done about it, with tragic consequences. Though it did close pretty quickly when it was discovered that the victim was taken there.
  11. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    In the beautiful university city in which I live, there are a number of bail hostels. Most, if not all, are in 'respectable' residential areas. However, few are in university owned areas, (and the university does own a good portion of the city. Trinity college being around the third largest landowner in Britain).
    There are also a number of 'homeless shelters' which tend to be populated by drunks and druggies. An enetrprising developer has bought some old and derelict shops near one of these shelters and has redeveloped them into luxury flats. Ok , so they are near the river and open spaces, but perhaps the developers should have inquired as to why they were empty and derelict, in what should be prime, tourist heavy locations.
  12. Ive seen areas go from quite crappy to seriously sh1te with bail hostels around.

    One street where I work has quite a few celebs in it but still has - crashed cars, slaggy uninsured w'anchormobiles pragning resident's cars and driving off, people smoking dope from windows, big groups of lads hanging around outside shouting in foreign.

    Plod can nick them but then they get bail and where do they go? You guessed it- straight back to the hostel to beat up whoever grassed them.

    I have a better idea for bail hostels, have big buildings run by guards where the people on bail are sent to await trial, theyre not allowed out though.
  13. Do remember that these aren't bail hostels in the conventional sense. There wont be a warden living there 24/7 so, as has been suggested by Baldrick, these places are going to become instant crack houses during the hours of darkness.

    One of these places is being opened near a mate's house. Local residents have been assured that nobody involved in a racially motivated crime will be housed there.

    I'm sure that'll be a great comfort to my mate and his wife if they find a HIV+ crack head hanging out the back of their 7 year old daughter.
  14. Sounds good, we could give them a catchy name like....errm prisons! They're better off in there anyway. it must be a right pain having to go walking around to get your drugs. :wink: